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Boardgames boring? No way! Keezers is a mixture of three famous games: Ludo, pachisi and Crazy Eights.

No pesky dice are needed to play because this game uses cards instead. Be the first to get your pawns to their homebase by throwing your opponents off the board, strategically switch places with them or block their way forward! Messing with other people has never been this much fun!

What makes Keezers the best game in his kind?
First of all, the game itself is super fun to play! Some games may get boring after a while, but not Keezers! Keezers will keep you entertained forever, because you need both a bit of old fashioned good luck AND a strategic mastermind to win the game. Another great feature of this game is that you can play in different combinations: by yourself, against a computerbot, against or with other players and even with or against your very own friends! Each game can have up to 8 different players!It is also possible to play in teams to add even more excitement to the game! When youre playing in teams you have to get your own pawns to their homebase first, before you can help your teammate move forward with their pawns using your own cards. Same amount of cards, double the fun!
If that is STILL not enough for you, Keezers has their own chatbox in which you can talk to other users while playing. It is almost as if you were playing in your own living room! From now on you can play Keezers at anytime, anywhere and with anyone!

Game objective

The main objective of the game is fairly simple and straightforward: be the first player to get all of your pawns to their homebase and try to prevent your opponents from doing the same! The first player to have all their pawns in their homebase wins the game.

Basic rules

When your pawn is on the start position, it is untouchable. This means that another player cannot throw you off the board or pass your pawn. This is a great position to be in when you can block the pawns behind you and prevent them from moving forward!
By using a Jack, you can switch any two pawns on the board. Using a Jack can be really helpful if someone is blocking you on their start position: by switching that pawn with another one you may be able to resume your journey to your homebase after all!
The number 4 is a special card in this game. Instead of moving forward, this card allows you to travel back 4 spaces. This is extremely convenient when you are at your start position; it means you wont have to travel all over the board to get to your homebase because youre practically there already!
Another special number is number 7. This card allows you to split the number between 2 pawns. For example: you can move 2 spaces with one pawn to throw your opponent off the board and use the remaining 5 with another pawn to get closer to your homebase!
An Ace or a King allows your pawn to participate in the game and start their journey to their homebase!


Keezers is a typical dutch game originally called "Keezen" and is mostly played by people who also play Ludo, pachisi, Parcheesi, aggrevation or more local variants like:
Game of Headaches (English)
Fia (Finish)
Eile mit Weile (Swish)
Haste makes Pace (Swish)
Parchs (Spanish)
Parqus (Columbian)
Mensch rgere dich nicht (German)
Mens Erger Je Niet (Dutch)
Non t'arrabiare (Italian)

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Developer: Goatama Studios