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You have children and you want to teach them the Quran? Juz Amma For Kids OFFLINE App is an Application that contains the content of the Quran 30 Juzz. This app is for kids so it can be easy to memorize Al Quran, This application also comes with streaming Mp3.

With Juz Amma For Kids OFFLINE application kids can better understand the Qur'an and it is easy to memorize every verse of the Qur'an and also mean more each letter. Here's a list of Juz Amma Apps for Children in this App:

Juz Amma For Kids OFFLINE Feature List:
- Surah Al Balad
- Surah Al Tariq
- Surah Ash-Shams
- Surah Al-Lail
- Surah Ad-Duha
- Surah Al Inshirah
- Surah Al Tin
- Surah Al-'Alaq
- Surah Al-Qadr
- Surah Al Bayyinah
- Surah Al Zalzala
- Surah Al Adiyat
- Surah Al Buruj
- Surah Al Ghashiyah
- Surah Al Ala
- Surah Al Fajr
- Surah Al Qariah
- Surah Al Takathur
- Surah Al Asr
- Surah Al Humazah
- Surah Al Maun
- Surah Quraysh
- Surah Al Fil
- Surah Al Kawthar
- Surah Al Kafirun
- Surah Al Nasr
- Surah Al-Masad
- Surah Al Ikhlas
- Surah Al Falaq
- Surah An Nas

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