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Run this app named Jealous Boyfriend Simulator or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Jealous Boyfriend Simulator is a game for girls who have never had a jealous boyfriend in real life. If you like this idea, but at the same time you think that a jealous and possessive boyfriend will complicate your life, then try to have a safe relationship in the virtual world.

Jealous Boyfriend Simulator is not our first app on the given theme. If you are interested in apps with fake guys, then most likely you have met Jealous Boyfriend Chat (Texting App Game). As the name suggests, this is a text game that simulates a chat with a guy distraught with jealousy.

We were actively developing that text game, but we ran into a serious limitation of the genre. Our chatbots could only tell their stories of love and jealousy, while our users wanted more interactivity.

That is why Jealous Boyfriend Simulator is the next step in the development of this genre. Now virtual boyfriends are living their own lives. According to the storyline, you have a boyfriend who basically suits you. But he has a serious flaw. He is very jealous. It amuses you most of the time. But sometimes your jealous virtual boyfriend oversteps the boundaries of what is permissible, which annoys you.

Jealous Boyfriend Simulator is an interactive text game where every choice you make influences the further development of the plot. You can choose several behaviors:
1. A meek and obedient girl who does not want to provoke her jealous virtual boyfriend, so she almost always agrees with him.

2. A moderate and balanced girl who is ready to admit her mistakes only if her jealous virtual boyfriend does the same. You believe that compromise is the key to success in a harmonious relationship.

3. A daring and naughty girl who constantly provokes her jealous virtual boyfriend and even enjoys his fits of rage. You make your boyfriend angry because you know that he will be ashamed later. After another fit of jealousy, your virtual boyfriend becomes very nice, which is beneficial to you.

Jealous Boyfriend Simulator allows you to visit different places (and it is you who choose which locations you visit in the next chapter of the love story). After all, despite the fact that your virtual boyfriend is jealous, most of the time he acts like other guys, that is, he invites you on dates and does everything possible to seduce you.

Is Jealous Boyfriend Simulator a classic dating sim? In principle, yes. But there is one essential feature. You have to be extremely careful with your fake boyfriend. Because just one awkward word can turn him into a jealous guy.

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Developer: FunJoyRelaxation

Recent changes: Jealous Boyfriend Simulator is a game for girls who have never had a jealous boyfriend in real life.