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More and more often in home gardens, we find elements of Japanese gardens in a characteristically cut trees.
Recently, more and more owners decide to gardens on their device in the Japanese style. Very often, however, we do not realize that the Japanese create their own style patterned on Chinese gardens, taking with them many elements and adapting them to suit your needs.
What make this growing interest are the Japanese gardens? Well, I have a small backyard garden area we can create an original with characteristic Bonsai trees. If you also want to have Japanese-style garden, the real challenge may be to create it by using materials and products available in Poland and well terminate our climatic conditions. It should, however, make the effort to get this special effect of arousing enthusiasm among many passers-by.
Garden in a traditional Japanese style is usually found at private homes, parks, the Buddhist and Shinto temples and monuments in the vicinity (e.g., locks). Japanese garden is to imitate nature, not trying to conquer or destroy it. It must be nurtured so that the most carefully hidden human activities. Ideal for Japanese gardeners are resting among the wildlife. One of the texts concerning the furnishing of Japanese gardens (XI century) says: learn from nature, but do not copy it.
There are several types of Japanese gardens, but all are characterized by harmony, simplicity, asymmetry and elegance. Two basic styles are Tsukiyama gardens with small hills, stones, symbolizing mountains, ponds and lakes that mimic sea and KARESANSUI - style dry garden with gravel depicting water, boulders depicting islands and sand simulating the waves.
The necessary elements of a classic Japanese garden are:
Water that brings life to the garden, movement. Is sometimes replaced by an irregular bright patch of gravel)
Stone this symbolizes constancy and permanence of nature. Stones used to decorate the garden should be a natural form, the same color and texture,
Vegetation, which is dominated by green. Flowers are used only as a single accent. The most commonly used plants include azaleas, Japanese, palm clones, cherries and magnolias and peonies,
Stone lanterns,
The path of individual stacked flat stones

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