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OpenSpace provides ground truth for your construction job site. While other 3D capture tools require dedicated setup and capture time, OpenSpace is special because its 100% labor free. Simply attach the 3D camera to the top of your hardhat with the included mount, then continue as normal - our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm does the rest! Its easy as wearing a Fitbit.

Think of us as a visual time machine, allowing your team to create 360 degree progress photos and visit a particular place at the job, at any moment in time. Resolve conflicts, validate WIP, add visual context to DCRs and RFIs and save needless travel to the site.

Why OpenSpace?
It works as you work: our advanced (and patent pending!) AI transforms the raw video data into a complete, easy-to-navigate Google Streetview style 360 degree map of your site, with no effort on your part.

Fully automated: As you move through the site, our AI automatically maps the video feed to your blueprints and creates a 360 degree record of progress. With OpenSpace, you hit record and go. We capture data while you work, so there is no labor cost. Other systems require you to assign someone a time-consuming photo capture task - and those labor costs adds up.

Time machine: Visit any point in time through an interactive 360 degree map of your site. Zoom and explore every detail and see progress as it happened.

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Darin Peters
Vice President, Hathaway Dinwiddie

OpenSpace solves some simple but necessary requirements of the construction process: progress photos, site documentation and workstream coordination OpenSpace has made it easy - and easy is key - for us to have a living visual record of the jobsite progress, which has radically improved the reporting we have today. The future of what we can do with this data is exciting.

Ready to get started? Contact us at

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