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STARS Mobile is the launchpad for all mobile HORIBA STARS apps. Register and log in to access state-of-the-art test and laboratory management applications from HORIBA STARS.


- Workflows Mobile
- RDE CoDriver

Flussi di lavoro per dispositivi mobili
Put the power of STARS Enterprise Workflows in your pocket!

You're no longer tied to the desk - with Workflows Mobile you can start, stop and control workflows wherever you are. With barcode scanning you can speed up your business processes in many ways:

- Scan vehicles as they move from station to station
- Enter readings from test equipment directly in the device
- Attach photos and video to workflows
- Jump to different parts of the workflow when needed

- Create, start, and stop workflows
- Monitor workflows, including warnings and errors
- Assign variables
- Confirm actions and enter data
- Workflows can trigger child workflows, supporting highly complex processes
- Supports goto points, letting you jump to predefined points in the workflow
- Add your own instructions to workflow tasks
- Speed up data acquisition with barcode and QR code scanning
- Scan a resource and find out which workflows are using it
- Apply filters from the web app
- Inherit security from the web app

Note that this requires a connection to a licensed STARS Enterprise deployment.

RDE CoDriver

Boost your test pass rate - RDE CoDriver monitors real driving emissions (RDE) test requirements while you concentrate on the road ahead.

Use RDE CoDriver to:

- Evaluate potential testing routes
- Train drivers on routes
- Record trip and emission data during a live test (requires HORIBA OBS-ONE).

In an RDE test, vehicle and driver have to contend with multiple factors, including changing temperature and barometric pressure, rain, wind and traffic. The regulation requirements for trip composition and dynamic boundary conditions complicate testing even further.

RDE CoDriver does the heavy lifting for you by calculating and visualizing real-time information based on data from a wirelessly connected PEMS (Portable Emissions Measurement System), such as the OBS-ONE. The app immediately informs the driver in case of a failure, reducing wasted test time and resources to a minimum.

You can also use GPS mode without a HORIBA OBS-ONE to evaluate the suitability of a testing route.


- Evaluates trip composition, trip dynamics, altitude, and temperature conditions
- Real-time graphs and dashboards
- Immediate notification when test fails
- Use with the HORIBA OBS-ONE for actual testing
- Email test logs for further analysis

Supports RDE regulations:

- Attachment 119 - (JP) Attach. 119 (Apr. 20170p)
- BS VI - (IN) BS VI (AIS-137)
- China 6 - (CN) GB18352.6-2016
- Package 3 - (EU) 2017/1154
- Package 4 - (EU) 2018/1832

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