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Grade 10 physics quiz app with free download to install is a complete physics app (iOS) to practice 1100+ physics quiz based MCQs. Grade 10 Physics Quiz app with trivia questions and answers, high school physics MCQs to solve self-assessment tests. Grade 10 Physics Notes learning app worksheets with answers key helps to practice test questions for online homeschooling exam on iOS smartphones.

`Complete grade 10 physics quiz app for online degree programs covers basic and high school level physics course with trivia quizzes. Grade 10 Physics Revision app is a quick study guide for students beginners learning and home-schooling with physics textbook topics as:` +

Chapter 1: Atomic and nuclear physics quiz

Chapter 2: Basic electronics quiz

Chapter 3: Current electricity quiz

Chapter 4: Electromagnetism quiz

Chapter 5: Electrostatics quiz

Chapter 6: Geometrical optics quiz

Chapter 7: Information and communication technology quiz

Chapter 8: Simple harmonic motion and waves quiz

Chapter 9: Sound quiz

Download Atomic and Nuclear Physics Quiz app to install revision notes with MCQs: Atom and atomic nucleus, nuclear physics, nuclear transmutations, background radiations, fission reaction, half-life measurement, hazards of radiations, natural radioactivity, nuclear fusion, radioisotope and uses, and radioisotopes.

Download Basic Electronics Quiz app to install revision notes with MCQs: Digital and analogue electronics, basic operations of logical gates, analogue and digital electronics, and gate operation, and operation, cathode ray oscilloscope, electrons properties, investigating properties of electrons, logic gates, NAND gate, NAND operation, NOR gate, NOR operation, NOT operation, OR operation, thermionic emission, and uses of logic gates.

`Download Current and Electricity Quiz app to install revision notes with MCQs: Current and electricity, electric current, electric power, electric safety, electric shocks, electrical energy and Joules law, combination of resistors, conductors, direct and alternating current, direct current and alternating current, electromotive force, factors affecting resistance, hazards of electricity, how does material effect resistance, insulators, kilowatt hour, Ohms law, Ohmic and non-Ohmic conductors, potential difference, resistivity and important factors, resistors, and resistance.` +

`Download Electromagnetism Quiz app to install revision notes with MCQs: Electromagnetism, electromagnetic induction, AC generator, alternate current generator, DC motor, direct current motor, high voltage transmission, Lenzs law, magnetic effects and steady current, magnetic field versus voltage, mutual induction, radio waves transmission, transformer, and turning effect on a current carrying coil in magnetic field.` +

`Download Electrostatics Quiz app to install revision notes with MCQs: Electrostatic induction, electrostatic potential, capacitors and capacitance, capacitors, circuit components, Coulombs law, different types of capacitors, electric charge, electric field and electric field intensity, electric potential, electric shocks, electronic devices, electroscope, electrostatics applications, hazards of static electricity, and production of electric charges.` +

Download Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves Quiz app to install revision notes with MCQs: Simple harmonic motion, damped oscillations, longitudinal waves, types of mechanical waves, wave motion, acoustics, and ripple tank.

Download Sound Quiz app to install revision notes with MCQs: Sound and sound waves, sound wave and speed, characteristics of sound, echo of sound, audible frequency range, acoustics, longitudinal waves, noise pollution, reflection, and ultrasound.

Grade 10 Physics MCQ app helps to solve physics multiple choice questions from every chapter, comparing with answer key after every 10 random trivia quiz questions.

Looking forward to provide best user experience through grade 10 physics application!,

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Developer: Arshad Iqbal

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