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Sharhin littafin umdatul ahkam na babban malami abdul gany almakdisi

Hausa Umdatul Ahkaam Full Version Sheikh Jafar

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Game da Umdatul Ahkam

Umdatul Ahkam sanannen littafi ne wanda ya qunshi hadisi dangane da hukunce-hukuncen sharia (ahkaam) daga Bukhari & Muslim wanda Imam Abd Al-Ghani Al-Maqdisi ya rubuta.

A cikin wannan littafin; Umdatul-Ahkami min Kalami Khairil-Anam, akwai adadi mai yawa na kaidar hukunce-hukuncen Musulunci da aka kara daga ingantattun Hadisai na Manzon Allah (s.a.w) waanda kowane musulmi ba zai iya yi ba tare dasuba matukar yana son yin nasara a wannan rayuwar da rayuwa me zuwa.

Kamar Bulugh al Maram, inda mawallafin littafin wato ibn Hajar, yana fitar da saroin ruwaitowa kuma ya hada tare da sunan Sahabi.

Tsarin babukan sun yi daidai da na Hanbali fiqh kamar yadda marubucin da kansa ya kasance hanbali, amma duk da cewa da yawa daga masana makarantu na tunani sun ba da babbar kulawa ga wannan rubutun, kamar Ibn Daqeeq al-Eid da ibn al Mulaqqin.

Acikin Umdatul ahkaam akwai bayani da babi har guda Ashirin Daga cikinsu akwai: Littafin Tsarkakewa, littafin Addua/sallah, littafin janaiza, littafin zakka, littafin azumi, zuwa littafin aure littafin kasuwanci, littafin jihadi zuwa littafin Abinci. har ya zuwa littafin saye da sayarsan bayi.

Sunnar Annabi Muhammad (s.a.w) ita ce aiwatar da Kurani mai girma, an koyar da shi ga Annabi (PBUH) tare da Nassi a gefe. Ba za a iya fahimtar Alkurani mai girma ko Sunnah ba daidai ba tare da slaakari da kowannensuba.

Don haka dole ne mu bi tare da aiwatar da ingantattun ruwayoyin da aka ruwaito daga Annabi Muhammad (s.a.w), ba tare da sanya su ga hukunce-hukuncenmu da ba su cika ba. Hakanan dole ne mu kiyaye Sunnah ta hanyar aiwatar da shi a ciki da waje a duk rayuwarmu, tare da tuna cewa rayuwar Annabi ta fi ta kowa.


About Umdatul Ahkam

Umdatul Ahkam is a famous text that contains hadith pertaining to juristic rulings (ahkaam) from Bukhari & Muslim written by Imam Abd Al-Ghani Al-Maqdisi.

In this book; Umdatul-Ahkami min Kalami Khairil-Anam, there are a great number of principle Islamic rulings taken from the authentic Hadiths of the Prophet (PBUH) that every Muslim can not do without if they want to succeed in this life and the life to come.

Like Bulugh al Maram, ibn Hajar, leaves out the chains of narration and suffices with the name of the Sahabi.

The ordering of the chapters falls in line with the Hanbali fiqh as the author himself was hanbali, yet despite that many scholars from other schools of thought paid great attention to this text, such as Ibn Daqeeq al Eid and ibn al Mulaqqin.

It Covers Twenty Chapters From: the Book of Purification, the Book of Prayer, the Book of Funerals, the Book of Zakat, the Book of Fasting, to the Book of Marriage the Book of Trade, the Book of Jihad to the Book of Food. all the way to the Book of Manumission of Slaves.

The Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the practical implementation of the Noble Quran, it was taught to the Prophet (PBUH) along with the Scripture, side by side. Neither the Noble Quran nor the honourable Sunnah can be understood correctly without recourse to the other.

Thus we have to follow and implement all of the authentic narrations reported from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), without referring them to our fallible judgements and considerations. We also have to preserve the Sunnah by implementing it inwardly and outwardly throughout our lives, remembering that the Prophets lifestyle was better than any other way of life.

Mai fassara shine sheikh Jaafar Mahmud Adam.,

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Developer: Abdulkarim Nasir


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