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Dua ve Sureler

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Duaas and Surahs is an app where you can find basic information about Islam.

The main categories are Duaas and Surahs, Azan, Wudu (Ablution), Prayer (Salah), Names of ALLAH, Pillars of Islam, Pillars of Iman, Thikr Counter, Duaa Community and Qibla Compass.

You can find Duaas and Surahs Pronunciations , Meanings, Sounds and videos.

Also with the Thikr Counter you can make your thikrs easily everywhere when you want.

The prayer times ( 5 times of day) are also included in the app. Just choose your location and get the times on your device.

Prayer Duaas

* Attahiyyatu

* Allahumma Salli

* Allahumma Barik

* Rabbana Atina

* Rabbanaghfirli

* 1. Qunut

* 2. Qunut

* Amantu

Prayer Surahs:

* Surah Al-Fil

* Surah Al-Quraysh

* Surah Al-Maun

* Surah Al-Kawthar

* Surah Al-Kafirun

* Surah An-Nasr

* Surah Al-Lahab

* Surah Al-Ikhlas

* Surah Al-Falaq

* Surah An-Nas

* Surah Ayatal Kursi

* Surah Al-Qadr

* Surah At-Takathur

* Surah Al-Asr

* Surah Al-Humazah

* Surah Amana Rasul

* Surah Ad-Duhaa

* Surah Al-Inshirah

* Surah At-Tin

* Surah Al-Alaq

* Surah Al-Bayyinah

* Surah Al-Zilzal

* Surah Al-Adiat

* Surah Al-Qariah

* Surah Al-Hashr

* Surah Yasin

* Huvallahullezi (Hashr 2224)

Prayer Times: Prayer times of your location

* Sunrise

* Dhuhr

* Asr

* Maghrib

* Ishaa


* What is Azan?

* Duaa After Azan

* Azan Meaning-Pronunciation

* Listen to Azan


* What is Wudu (Ablution)?

* How is Wudu Made?

* What are the Adabs of Wudu?

* Things that Invalidate Wudu

* Things that do not Invalidate Wudu

* What is Ghusl Ablution?

* Fards and Sunnahs of Ghusl

* Makruh things without Ghusl

* How to make Ghusl?

* When is Ghusl Fard?

* What is Tayammum?

* Major situations that require Tayammum

* Fards and Sunnahs of Tayammum

* How to make Tayammum

Prayer (Salah):

* Prayer(Salah)

* 5 Times

* Nafl Prayers

* How to make Prayer

* Types of Prayers

* Prayer Times

* Prayer Rakats

* Fards of Prayers

* Wajibs of Prayers

* Sunnahs of Prayer

* Makruhs of Prayer

* Eid Prayer

* Janazah Prayer

* Tarawih Prayer

* Qaza Prayer

* Prayer for Men

* Prayer for Women

Dua Community:

You may share your Duaas with our other users to pray for you too.,

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