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Honmon Ringoala Pack

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This sticker pack contains 44 stickers of the following 8 Honmon. Here is a list of stickers and the stories behind them!

1.) Ringoala wants to impress the elder Ringoalpha with her swordsmanship, but she doesnt have any weapon to use for practice. She picks up a stick from the forest ground and swings it around, but tires from the effort. Then Ringoala gets an idea: She will ask him for help! Following his lead, she learns how to wield her weapon, and together, they proudly stand together.

Ringoala stickers:

Danger! Oh no!


So embarrassing!

Please! Thank you!

Mission accomplished!

2.) For Crysmiss, every day is Christmas! Wherever she goes, a soft, powder snow falls. Using the snow around her, she builds a Surusagi snowman, but then grows afraid that someone will ruin it. At the first sign of conflictanother white bear!she hurls snowballs rapid fire, trying to drive away the threat! But Grizzicle comes in peace. After all, the two white bears are best friends!

Crysmiss stickers:

Merry Christmas!

Building a Snowman!


Snowball Fight!

Best Friends!

3.) Grizzicle is a soft-hearted bear that loves to celebrate. When winter comes, he soothes his soul with a cup of warm tea before going into hibernation. But when winter ends, he wakes up grumpy and groggy. Then, when his ice cream melts, he unleashes an uncontrollable rage!

Grizzicle stickers:


Taking a break...

Hibernation (Zzz)

Oh no!

Rage! (In front of friends)

Rage! (Alone)

4.) Penglace is a playful penguin made of ice. Even though the cold keeps him solid, he likes the temperature cool, just warm enough to melt a small puddle, so he can walk in water. But when it gets too hot, he melts completely.

Penglace stickers:

I see you!



Jumping for joy!

So hot! Melting


5.) Fleautoad is a fun-loving fountain toad sculpted from stone. Its mouth never stops flowing! It likes taking features from other Honmon, and relaxes by streaming its own hot springs. The waterfall from its mouth slows only when it is surprised, stressed, or confused. They say that those who drink its water become children again.

Fleautoad stickers:

Showing off my moves!


A warm bath feels so good!

Scream!! Ahhh!

Worried ::sweatdrop::


6.) Lumini is an angelic pup that stays forever loyal. When his partner is in danger, he gathers his allies and rushes to help, firing beams of truth to ward off evil and falsehood. When the threat is removed, he always thanks those that helped and apologizes for the trouble he caused. One day, if its bond of love and trust grows strong enough, it will evolve into Luminu.

Lumini stickers:

On My Way! (OMW!)

Tell the truth!



Feeling loved!

Happy together!

7.) Kokuhakuma are twin pandas that represent the good and evil side of us all. Initially, they coexist peacefully, holding hands like best friends. But when hunger strikes, their mood sours. The dark side is particularly greedy, and imposes its will on the light side. Often, it takes maturity to settle their dispute and bring them back together.

Kokuhakuma stickers:

I Love You!

Best Friends!!!

So hungry...


Play nicely now!

8.) Vampetit sleeps by day and hunts by night. In the middle of the night, she wakes up hungry, but all restaurants are closed! She is sad at first, but when she spots a juicy hamster, she flaps her wings in joy and gives chase. But then she recognizes her prey: she cant eat her friend, Dentoto! She offers the hamster flowers instead, and they find food together. The chase was fun!

Vampetit stickers:

Resting (zzz)

So sad...

Happy Flight!

Dinner Time!


Keep your eyes peeled for other Honmon sticker packs! Collect all seven!,

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Developer: Honmon, Inc.

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