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Download this app named International Gospel Radio.

This International Gospel Radio Application is intended for those of you who are Christian and Catholic, who likes to listen to a christian radio anywhere. The common problem of FM radio is noise, this is happened because the radio signal is not adequate enough, your place is far from the radio transmitter, and so on. By using streaming radio this will not be a problem anymore, the sound is clear and crisp (noise-free), as long as you get stable internet network.

This International Christian Radio application can work in the background, you can do your stuffs like texting or chat while streaming gospel radio. To be noted, if your phone is low on RAM, in some cases, your system will kill the app automatically to free up RAM, while you do other task in your phone.

And even when the phone screen is off or the phone is locked, the radio will not stop playing, as long as this app is open as the main screen on your phone.

This Gospel Radio Streaming Application is also equipped with a timer, so you can play the radio, set the timer, and sleep. Radio will stop automatically at a set time.

This Christian Gospel Radio application will help you save the battery. Immediately after the radio app is turned off, either manually or via timer, then all background processes will also be turned off, and the phone can be returned in sleep mode. This app will not drain your battery like other radio applications that are always running on the background even when the application is closed, which will continually drain your battery.

- Can run in the background
- Battery saving
- Timer
- Clear Sound
- Add radio easily through in-app form
- auto pause and auto resume during calls
- make your own favorite radio station list
- Supporting Multiple Languages

International Gospel Radio Stations which have been supported :

Indonesian Christian Radio :

Suara Gratia FM Cirebon
CMC FM Surabaya
Sangkakala FM Surabaya
Rhema FM Semarang
Bahtera Yudha FM Surabaya
BE FM Semarang
Mazmur FM Jakarta
Prestasi FM Jakarta
Harmoni FM Blitar
Maestro FM Bandung
Spirit TOC Surabaya

American Christian Radio :

Power of Worship
PVOT (Pantecostal Voice of Truth)
Gospel 90.3
Grand Gospel
Gospel 108
Gospel Highway Eleven
All Southern Gospel Radio
HIS Radio
Gospel 1590 KPRT
VCY America
WYCA Rejoice
Quartet FM

Brazil Christian Radio
Perfeito Louvor
Ultra Life
Jovem Gospel Brazil
Betel FM
Salvação em Cristo
Ponto Gospel
Delta Gospel

Canada Gospel Radio
Radio Galilée
Yonkodo Radio
Tierra Fertil
Life 100.3 CJLF
Faith FM 99.9 CHJX
Faith FM 94.3 CJTW
Life 100.3

Australia Christian Radio :
Rhema FM
Vision Radio

British / UK Christian radio
azimuth Radio
Salt FM
Premier Gospel

.... and a lot more country supported

Other Christian Radios that have been supported are from
Japan, Spain, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Chile, El Salvador, Germany, Honduras, Mexico, Singapore, Costa Rica, Albania,Argentina,Korea, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Netherland

If your favorite gospel radio station is not supported yet, you can fill out the form provided in the application to add more christian radio stations. The radio station will be added in the next update.

There are many christian radios from many other countries such as Korea, France, Italy etc, which are not supported yet in this international gospel radio app. If you are affiliated with or know some of them please fill the form in the app, I'll add it later.

I also invite those who want to help translate this app to their native language, please email me.

I hope this radio app can be useful for all Christians and Catholics over all the world.

In the future, I may add well-streaming sermons to be more beneficial to the further growth of our faith.

If there are any bugs, please let me know, I will fix it immediately.

I hope you enjoy listening to the International Gospel Radio and be blessed. Shalom


1. support newest Android version
2. bug fixed



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