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As per the Vedic Dasa system every moment of one's life is influenced by astrological planets.
Each planet takes turn to rule & bestow either good or bad results based on the nature of that planet in one's horoscope.


* Displays the current and future/past Dasas ruling ones horoscope along with the Shadbala (strength) of the planet(s) ruling as well as the proportion of Ista/Kasta pala (Favorable/Unfavorable) effects of these planets.

* Displays the dasa & sub-dasa details upto 4 levels:
- Maha dasa
- Antar dasa
- Pratyantar dasa
- Sookshmantar dasa

* Displays the duration of the dasa/sub-dasa periods, the progress as well as the balance remaining. With the planetary strength and nature displayed side by side, it gives you an easy and quick way of assessing your current astrological state. The app automatically calculates and displays the special dasa systems applicable to your profile!

* Supports nakshatra dasa systems such as Vimshottari, Shodashottari, Dvadashottari, Panchottari, Shatabdika, Chaturashiti Sama, Dvisaptati Sama, Shattrimshata Sama, Ashtottari (Krttikadi), Ashtottari (Ardradi), Yogini, Naisargika, Karaka, Buddhi Gati and Shashtihayani dasa systems.

* Also supports Vimshottari Dasa system variations Kshema, Utpanna, Aadhana, Lagna Tara and Tribhagi dasa systems.

* Supports rasi dasa systems such as Chakra, Lagna Kendradi, Drigdasa, Karaka Kendradi, Narayana, Sudasa, Chara, Sthira, Yogardha, Trikona, Brahma and Sudarshana Chakra dasa systems.

* Supports multiple profiles so you can save and lookup the details of your loved ones too!
Enjoy the app! It's absolutely FREE!!!
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Recent changes: - Stability fixes.