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Impromy is a unique weight loss program that has been developed in collaboration with CSIRO to provide support and assist you to achieve your weight loss goals and improve your health.

The Impromy program is exclusively available through pharmacies where you will be supported by trained staff who will guide you through all aspects of the program and help you to achieve your weight loss and related health goals.

- Track your weight loss progress, by entering your weight and daily meal intake via the Meal Diary Calendar.

- Access to over 100+ delicious, healthy recipes to add variety to your Impromy program.

- Set daily weigh-in and meal diary reminders.

- Motivational messages to encourage you with your weight loss progress.

- Unlock and achieve medals and awards; a motivational mechanism to reward weight loss progress and program compliance.

- Add recipes to your Favourites list, and receive personalised recommendations based on your preferences for other recipes.

During your initial Impromy consultation at the pharmacy, youll receive your Membership Number, and a personalised meal program. Youll be required to enter this information into your app, so that the app is tailored to your personal program.

For more information, visit www.impromy.com

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Developer: Blackmores Ltd

Genre: Health & Fitness

App version: 1.2.8

App size: 29M


It hasn't been updated since 2019- despite all of the feedback. It gives out badges before you finish entering the food, so I get a silver and gold for the same day! No explanation in how that works. This is not a CSIRO program- look at the fine print. The shakes are high in sugar- find one like Isowhey that is less. Going into the pharmacy weekly is good but find another tracking app. I have to choose the closest recipe to record my meals and the drinks of water should be glasses.

I have been using this app for a few days now. I feel that vast improvements need to be made to it in order for it to be successful and worth using. The meal tracking is beyond basic. It is a scientific fact that if people diarise daily food intake, they are more accountable as they can visually see what they have consumed. I understand this programme is not meant to be about calorie tracking, but you cant enter meals other than programme meals which is very vague so you cant see visually what you have eaten through the day other than what is pre loaded, which isnt much. Additionally, it is difficult to account for how far off you have veered from the programme. Today, I am on holidays and ate bacon and eggs. Impromy doesnt allow me to work out how many calories I have over consumed or how to get back on track let alone enter what I consumed. Ie. Should I have skipped lunch? Should I just have a free snack as lunch? Making positive changes to past bad habits should include proper food tracking. If Impromy cant improve on its meal tracker, then maybe it should look at integrating MFP into the app as it has way more on offer and provides better insights. Additionally, water intake is very vague as well. Impromy have set limits. For eg. I drank 1.5 ltrs of water yesterday. My only option was 1ltr or 2+ltrs. Water intake should be measured per cup. The other dissapointing aspect of this app is lack of exercise recording and motivation. The goal is to get Participants to not only make better food decisions but make overall positive changes incrementally. There is no exercise tracking or motivation to exercise, for that matter. Again, maybe Impromy should try to integrate Stava's tracking if they cannot do this themselves. Also the tips aren't really that useful. As in, they are a waste of time. And finally, I dont understand the badges? What are they for and what does the Participant gain from earning them? I honeslty have no idea what I did to earn 3 badges, 2 silver medals and 1 bronze in two days, let alone the point of them. Its all very unclear and it appears from past comments I am not the only person confused by them. Do they unlock special and more in depth features of the app? Do you get a discount off your next Impromy purchase? Do you win a prize like a cook book or something? What are they for to be worthwhile to anyone? Ultimately, the concept of this app has some potential, particularly given it is the only meal replacement product using an app and because of its affiliation with CSIRO, but until more useful applications and insights are added, for a very steep membership price and the high cost of the meal replacements, in its current state it is both very dissappointing and useless. Whats more dissapointing is the fact that it discredits CSIRO along with it as well. Until big improvements are made, I dont think that for the price of this programme that I could reccomend it to anyone else. And for the time being, this aspect of my money has basically been like throwing it in the bin. I hope Impromy make an effort to make bigger improvements in this app or memberships will likely drop. People want want they paid for.

So far this app doesn't work the way it says it does. I am not getting any reminders or prompts to complete tasks. I ate exactly what I was supposed to except used my own high protein meal instead of one of the recipes. Entered everything and got told that I wasn't following the program closely enough but with no specific explanation of how I was supposedly deviating? This app seems pointless and of no help at all.

Pretty straightforward and easy to use but it could be more descriptive. Like what types of rice crackers we are allowed to eat and what types of low fat dip. It'd be good if it had an alarm to remind us when to drink water and if we could record how much exercise or steps we done that day.

This is a very basic app. It was working Ok on my Pixel2 but has suddenly stopped working meaning I can no longer track my weight loss and diet. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. Very disappointed at possibly losing my data and not being able to continue tracking my progress. APP DEVELOPERS PLEASE FIX THIS!'

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