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Run this app named Roulette Shapes or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

This application allows, by entering the results that are coming out in the European Roulette (single zero) to perform complex mathematical and statistical calculations to predict the next result, also includes a parachute system that minimizes negative streaks and is so powerful that you only have to risk 1 to 2 chips in each round, if up to 2 chips, incredible truth, I invite you to check it out.

In view of the calculations and calibrations that it performs, this application requires a lot of data to be able to make the predictions, so you will not have to intervene in all the rounds of the roulette and you will have play cycles in which you will only ask for the results for her to go calibrating and updating her predictions, until she gets a play with a high margin of success, but I assure you that the wait is worth it. It is designed to use high value chips, since you will only use one per round.

The application will automatically stop when you reach the stipulated daily goal of 7 tabs (Free Trial version), but it allows you to extend the duration through bonuses when watching advertising videos.

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