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During our survey, we found that theres no way to follow up with patient pills, health, activities, and diet. So, doctors cant follow up on patients health status; nor a way of communication between them in the emergency cases.

We noticed that patients always forget important information about their health and their medical history, so this leads to redoing some medical analysis or going back and forth between doctors.

[esm el app] helps in minimizing time cost and effort wasted by doctors and patients by connecting them through one system in a fast and efficient way.

Doctors will have a profile that includes their personal info and their patients, so it will be easy to check your patients profiles knowing what other doctors diagnoses about this patient, what medical tests, surgeries, medical imaging that they made before and track their drugs, weight, blood pressure and diabetes in a timelined way. In addition to, they can see their chronic diseases, viruses, allergies, congenital diseases and check their personal info.

Patients will have a profile that includes their personal info, medical tests, medical imaging, surgeries, doctors, drugs and doctors diagnoses, also they can track drugs, weight, blood pressure and diabetes.

With us, you will never lose your medical history and always keep track of your health.

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