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The iAlert PLUS is an innovative application which protects and guides humans who are travellers, people who enjoy every bit of their life, and may get scared by something!

...imagine being at home or even in a remote area in a foreign country when a safety or health problem arises. In the event of an accident you will need to organise a doctors visit and be able to convey the appropriate information so that they can locate you. Moreover, if you find yourself in an awkward situation you will definitely need some kind of health or safety assistance. Wouldnt it be easier for you, simply press a button on your smartphone and get assistance from a 24x7 specialised Security Operation Center (SOC)? iAlert PLUS app will send manually generated panic alerts signals to SOC, including, personal data (name, address, email address, phone number), geographical location, microphones recordings, phones sensors status, sensitive data (health notes, insurance name contract number), geographical location history, relatives telephone numbers and a predefined message with instructions. Our specialised SOC with well-trained security staff and if needed doctors will give you immediate advice while at the same time an operator will spot the location of the incident, read the instructions of the specific predefined message and follow them accordingly.

Through the use of this application you can:

a. Download and use iAlert PLUS for free and through the Panic function you can notify your relatives of your geographical position and your condition. iAlert PLUS will send manually an email as a panic message to one or two predefined email addresses, including your position and an extra text message.

b. Additionally, with a subscription fee you can get activation codes for SOC services through a list of partners in several countries and you can use the PANIC button to notify the SOC of your health and safety condition. Our philosophy is to provide iAlert PLUSs users with the best quality service in the most cost effective and ethical way. SOCs safety team carefully monitors the incidents or the treatment in order to assist better the patients care.

The health & safety services offered by the SOC are mentioned bellowed:

\tMedical helpline
\tSafety helpline
\tFire department helpline
\tHealth incident support
\tHome and hotel assistance
\tHotel arrangements
\tEmergency repatriation
\tAmbulance arrangements
\tDoctor visit arrangements


1. Covered countries for SOC services: Greece, Cyprus.
2. Continued use can dramatically decrease battery life.
3. The App requires active internet connection (cellular or wifi) to function properly.
4. The app is written in the English and Greek languages.
5. When the option Record device Location is enabled in the settings board, the iAlert Plus app can track the location of the phone's device in the background, even if the app is not being used or it's not open. The location data can be sent to the SOC through the Panic function, only when this option is enabled.

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