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Jalankan aplikasi bernama Race Into Space Free ini atau unduh menggunakan ApkOnline. Anda dapat melakukannya menggunakan emulator online Android kami.

Versi gratis ini dapat dimainkan hanya dengan beberapa batasan. Lihat di bawah.

Pembatasan versi gratis:
- Tidak ada video misi.
- Tidak dapat membeli beberapa perangkat keras.
- Hanya dapat dimainkan dengan pengaturan default.
- Tidak akan mendapatkan pembaruan dan penyempurnaan.

Jalankan atau unduh Race Into Space Gratis menggunakan emulator online android kami dari ApkOnline.net


Pengembang: DaBIT

Genre: Simulasi

Versi aplikasi: 1.1b

Ukuran aplikasi: 38M

Recent changes: Docking and EVA bugfixes.


I think its going to be great just would like a tutorial or more accesable one or at least instructions would do, sorry if this sounds entitled or something.

It seems to work as remembered, although there are no videos in this version.

The original pc disk version is one of my all time fav games, so much so that I bought the cd version as well just for the orchestra version of the main theme tune. The music in this isn't even as good as the original disk version and the rest of the music is about the same standard. The only thing I like about this version is being able to touch the various areas and menus direct, but seeing as I have the original full game running under DosBox it's not worth paying for the pro version. Nice idea though.

Warning to profit off it is a violation of the public license from 10 yrs ago strategic visions released. From a developer of many ports just making a statement to be prepared.

DEVELOPER: I nearly always send a detailed bug report and wait a day or two prior to leaving a bad review. I am very diligent about this. Plus, I posted this review months ago and you just now responded? Hummmmm..... I suggest you check your inbox before presuming to lecture people. REVIEW: Force closes when I try to run it on my Samsung Galaxy TabPRO SM-T900 12.2" with Android 4.4.2. I was really looking forward to trying this game, too. Good thing I try apps before I buy them....'