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Genre: Alat

Versi aplikasi: 1.1.1

Ukuran aplikasi: 65M

Recent changes: We've listened to your feedback and made improvements to enhance our user experience. The new version updates include:
-Supporte the Dual-protocol (Wi-Fi + BLE) product
-Enable to view scene logs
-Fix the error that AP mode cannot be entered in some cases
-Optimized content in the scene service
-Optimize UI design

For assistance with a product or in-depth product questions, please email us at support@topgreener.com

We hope you will enjoy our APP!


I'm overall happy with the setup of this app. I have switches, smart plugs, and smart outlets... all were very easy to setup. Once you get into things as a 'power user' the overlap between scenes and a schedule on a certain channel can get annoying... it would be great if these concepts were merged (see scenes that an individual smart device is associated with) so I not wandering through everything to undo a setting for a light I no longer want to turn on.

It has potential, hope to see more improvements I bought 8 plugs for the purpose of energy monitoring and it's nice to see it can interface with smart devices. There are a few features I'd like to see implemented however. I want more statistics views with the option to export data. It would be great to see energy plots from multiple plugs on the same graph or as individual subplots stacked vertically.

Great value. It's an easy, reliable, and accurate within 2% (tested both voltage and current with my best multimeter) to get consumption data both instantaneously, and over a period of time. The ability to power on and off remotely from anywhere with internet connections is super cool. I just moved 1 to the detached garage to provide light before i enter at night. I moved another to the plug in attic fan(thermostat controlled) to switch on or off just for fun!

The plugs are fantastic, I'm very happy with the purchase. The app is quite the problem maker. I've used the app daily since early January 2021, it's stability/usability has been in steady decline. Most of the time the graphics will not load in the individual outlet screen. A dark mode would be nice, along with being able to plus in rates from the utility company for more spending analysts. The app brings a 5 star product down to 3 stars.

This TG smart plug software is garbage. I've tried multiple times to sync my smart plug to no avail. Reset the unit each time , and tried to pair with it after getting a blinking light. If I could give this product zero stars I would. Maybe the hardware is fine but the software sure isnt. Don't waste your time with this garbage if you want to avoid endless frustration."