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Run this app named Todoki - Task Organizer or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Todoki enables you to easily share lists of tasks with friends and family, while also allowing you to keep important or secret tasks locally on your phone!
You decide what is saved in the cloud and what is stored on your device!

Easily manage multiple to-do-lists and shopping lists or take quick notes about things you find interesting like books, movies or upcoming events. Todoki is designed to support you in your daily tasks and activities and helps you organizing your days / weeks.

Each task can be categorized with a simple but effective categorization technique. In order to do so the tasks in your lists are categorized using the Eisenhower Method. This means you can categorize the tasks into one of the following four fields.

Urgent & Important
Urgent & Not Important
Not Urgent & Important
Not Urgent & Not Important.

Making you think about these categories while creating your tasks, improves your time management and helps you focus on what is important.

Besides improving you personal focus and time management, it also helps organizing larger groups, as all lists can be shared and each member of a list can read, edit and add tasks.

The application comes with two built in themes (light vs dark), which you can choose from.

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