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Unduh GPS Speedometer

Unduh Speedometer GPS APK

GPS speedometer

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Jalankan aplikasi bernama Speedometer GPS ini atau unduh menggunakan ApkOnline. Anda dapat melakukannya menggunakan emulator online Android kami.

Speedometer adalah aplikasi yang dirancang untuk mengukur kecepatan mobil, sepeda, atau objek bergerak apa pun dengan penerima GPS terintegrasi telepon. Speedometer juga memiliki mode HUD yang memungkinkan Anda menampilkan kecepatan mobil di kaca depan. Speedometer GPS ini mendukung beberapa unit kecepatan seperti: km/jam, mph, m/s, dan lainnya...

FITUR Speedometer GPS:
*Aplikasi hanya menggunakan GPS untuk menghitung kecepatan dengan sangat akurat, dan TIDAK memerlukan koneksi internet.
* Beberapa unit pengukur kecepatan
*Pengaturan font: Ukuran, Warna, Jenis
*TIDAK ADA iklan di layar utama
*Mode HUD dan banyak lagi...

Jalankan atau unduh Speedometer GPS menggunakan emulator online android kami dari ApkOnline.net


Pengembang: Sladjan Savic

Genre: Peta & Navigasi

Versi aplikasi: 2.3

Ukuran aplikasi: 2.1M

Recent changes: -Font updated.


So far this speedo app has been incredibly accurate. I'm quite impressed. Seemed to lock onto GPS within 4-5 seconds every time I open it. Matches and keeps up with my car's speedo going up AND down. Also love being able to choose between font-type numerals, which I much prefer, and the usual segmented numerals which can be harder to read. All I can think of to improve it would be to offer a 'light blue' color option and perhaps another font choice like Handel Gothic which has cool numerals.

Wonderful app! Simple and easy. Thank you for not asking for all sorts of permissions for a speedometer app. It takes a couple mins to catch up the gps signal and it's 3 km/hr slower than the actual speed but these are minor issues. Thanks again for this app I saved 40 bucks to buy an actual HUD. Thanks! Ps. It will be great if the number can be bigger.

I've been using this app almost every day for about 4 months now and it works extremely well. Fast refresh rate and I haven't had any ads pop up while I'm driving. Personally the red color is my favorite :).

Perfect choice. Easy-to-use UI, no bloatware, no ads, no premium option.

As others have stated this is a simple but fantastic app, should have a lot more downloads than it does. Exactly what I've been searching for, thank you to the developer."