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Run this app named EcoCtl (NW & SYNC control) or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

On Android 5.0 +, root authority is required.
On Android 6.0 +, it conflicts with Doze mode.

(Describe in notice from Google)
Ecoctl accesses android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS to obtain synchronization account information. This information is used for synchronization control purposes. It is used only for display on the setting screen and saving settings.

Automatically stop network (3G / LTE, WiFi selectable) when the screen turns off. Automatic restart by unlocking.
Since network is automatically restart periodically even when it is off, receive of e-mail etc. is also possible.
(Because network control is based on Android's security policy, it will not work on non-root Android 5.0 or later.)

You can stop syncing in the battery mode. It will be back automatically by changing to the charge mode.
You can select the syncing items you want to stop in the battery mode.
For example, you can continue synchronization only GMail. (and stop the other synchronizations)

EcoCtl itself consumes almost no battery.

We have confirmed receipt of mail by Gmail, K - 9 Mail. Depending on the mailer, it may not be received successfully at the timing of network return.
The network stop function is automatically disabled during tethering.

You can change some settings with the shell command.
am startservice -n com.jp.ssipa.ecoctl/.MyService --es SERVICE_STATUS SET_SETTING --es SUB_STATUS {*1} --ez VALUEb {true|false}
DATA_NW_CHECK\t\tDisable 3G/LTE in sleep mode.
WIFI_NW_CHECK\t\tDisable Wi-Fi in sleep mode.
BATTERY_NW_CHECK\tKeeping network connections ON while charging.
BATTERY_SYNC_CHECK\tSYNC on charging only.
WIFI_SYNC_CHECK\t\tSYNC on Wi-Fi only.

Example, Stop "disable 3G/LTE in sleep mode".
am startservice -n com.jp.ssipa.ecoctl/.MyService --es SERVICE_STATUS SET_SETTING --es SUB_STATUS DATA_NW_CHECK --ez VALUEb false

Setiap permintaan diterima dengan baik, silakan beri komentar di Google Play.

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