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Run this app named Galaxy Shooter: Alien Invaders or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Galaxy Shooter is a classic arcade shoot-em-ups game and offers a stunning scrolling shooter experience.

It has a full-scale rhythm and gorgeous visual effects.

The real and delicate textures and realistic explosive sound effects are very difficult, except for all kinds of characters.

In addition to the constant appearance, there will be a big BOSS at the end of the level.

Therefore, the player must pay attention to moving the position and try to obtain powerful weapons such as lasers and tracking missiles and use them strategically to be able to pass through.

Will keep both casual players and hardcore gamers hooked as you upgrade your ship and take it a little deeper into the incredible battlefield time after time.

If you are a player who likes to shoot games, Raiden will make you feel great.


* Beautiful levels.
* Sulih suara penuh dan soundtrack elektronik yang luar biasa.
* Beberapa pertempuran bos ekstrim.
* Upgrade your shields, guns, missiles, lasers, and magnets.
* Risiko segalanya untuk menyelamatkan warga sipil.
* Meningkatkan skor akhir Anda dengan sejumlah prestasi dalam game.
* Penyelamatan jatuh lawan untuk memenangkan kehidupan ekstra dan bintang.

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Genre: Petualangan

Versi aplikasi: 1.0.9

Ukuran aplikasi: 66M


Graphics and gameplay is great but if there was an option to change the sensitivity for aircraft movement, it'd have been better. Also the game is way too difficult You need to upgrade your aircraft a lot to move ahead.

It's a beautiful and fun game; one of the most graphically pleasing of its kind. Unfortunately, the power curve is so steep, you have to play each level 50+ times to become strong enough to advance to the next. After 100's of games, I still haven't powered up enough to handle stage 4. Lazy game design.

I actually play Galaxy Attack Shooter reloaded but this one here is a good start to learn the way the game works all in all they're both games that have kept me interested so far that's been hard for the Android games but everything is getting better quickly

This game is slow and glitchy.....Can't claim the daily rewards....playing the reward videos won't give you your rewards ....the touch that controls the ship takes you to another spot..... Please fix and optimize your game. I really do like the game and would support it ...please update and fix

This gaṁe is a fun bullet hell game where both you and the enemy fire upon each other what I like about this gaṁe is that it is a pass time for when γour bored never gets boring but never gets past the pass tiṁe rating. The controls are simple hold and drag γou destroγ the enemy collect stars(the gaṁes currency) and spend it on upgrades to the plane the onlγ down side is that the size and damage of the bullets when you just start off is harsh boat it up a little please...❗'