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UnitSpan helps anyone who is looking for a simple, easy to use unit converter app which would help them convert from more than 38 ready-made categories consisting of more than 38000+ unit conversions. It now supports over 30 top cryptocurrencies in the market with cryptocurrency calculator, live exchange rate converter for more than 170 fiat currencies. Unit Span is the only app currently in the market that provides almost all the unit conversions and unit converter categories needed by college students, engineering students, physicist, hobbyist, cryptocurrency watchers and regular people looking for simple unit conversions or unit converter app.
Unitspan is one of the best unit converter, unit conversion tool with live currency conversion, calculator and cryptocurrency rates. It is one of the best unit converter till-date for windows 10 mobile store and windows 10 store.
Unitspan uses a simplistic design and provides the option to convert most commonly used units. Unlike some applications which sacrifices the design for functionality, (or functionality for design). UnitSpan comes with 28ready-made categories containing more than 38000-unit conversions for your everyday use.
You can select between 38 categories such as Currency, Angle, Volume, Temperature, Distance, Speed, Area, Mass, Time, Power, Data, Base, Energy, Pressure, Land, Torque, Fuel, Force, Heat, Radiation, Cooking,Image,Resolution,Storage,Magnet and Surface Density select units from within each unit to easily lookup the conversions.
UnitSpan also includes a simple calculator app for users to use it for regular calculations.
The new updated version has cryptocurrency calculator and cryptocurrency live rates built-in. It provides users with live cryptocurrency rates, cryptocurrency converter to fiat currencies.
Unitspan unit converter app includes all major crypto currencies like Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Ripple XRP, BCH, NEO, Litecoin LTC, EOS, IOTA, Monero XMR, TRON TRX, Electroneum ETN, Verge XVG, Ethereum Classic ETC, NEM XEM, DASH, Lisk LSK etc.
Unitspan provides simple and functional windows mobile phone app for converting between time converter, temperature converter, distance converter, speed converter, area converter, mass converter, Power converter, Data converter, Base converter, Energy converter, Pressure converter, Land converter, Currency converter, Angle converter, Volume converter, Torque converter, Fuel converter, Force converter, Heat converter, Radiation converter, Surface Density converter,prefix,radiation exposure,current density,Capacitance
App is Easy-to-Use Converter and Calculator which allows user to do Calculations quickly without consuming time.

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Built-In real time Currency Converter and their latest exchange rates.
38 Unit categories
38000+unit conversions
Currency Converter - now supports 170 world currencies / fiat currencies with latest exchange rates
Now added Financial Calculators and Mathematical Calculators along with other unit converters.
Has most important conversion tools that are used in daily life including Fuel Calculations, Temperature, Volume, Speed, Weight, Computer Storage, Angle, Power, Force, Energy, Torque, Density and much more
Has Engineering conversion tools like radiation, specific heat density, specific heat capacity.
Built-In Calculator to perform basic arithmetic operations on the fly while using the unit converter.
UnitSpan unit converter App features and support Latest Material design.
All the cool features for available absolutely free of cost.
Our unit converter app has the likes of various users ranging from students to a high-level Professional who use conversion tools for their daily activities which serves their purpose. All this was possible because of the Simple and engaging user experience along with most number of important and highly useful conversion tools.

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