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Whether you're trying to get your brain back into shape or you just want to keep it as strong as it is now, there are some things you can do to exercise your brain. You can use different strategies to enhance your thinking and word skills, play games, socialize, engage in life-long learning, and taking care of yourself. You probably won’t see results overnight, but after a few months of using these strategies you may notice a big difference in your memory

Brain exercises help your mental health and fitness in the same way your body benefits from physical exercise.

And just as doing a variety of physical exercises like aerobics, strength training, and stretching is more beneficial than doing just one, so it is with doing different kinds of brain exercises too.

What Makes an Activity a Brain Exercise?
Most of us live our lives as a series of fixed routines.

And there are many good reasons for this.

routines vs new things

It simplifies life.

It limits brain-draining decision making.

It lets us perform complex tasks like driving a car with little mental effort.

Routines are run by our subconscious and require very little brain energy.

And consequently they provide the brain with very little stimulation.

Just as your body gets soft and lethargic from lack of physical activity, your brain gets sluggish and slow from too much routine.

Proactively shaking up your daily routines is key to a healthier, sharper mind.

The experts agree that for an activity to stimulate your brain enough to exercise it, it must meet two criteria.

The activity must be both novel and complex.

Benefits You Can Expect from Brain Exercise
Exercising your mind helps you be your mental best now while it protects against future memory loss and cognitive decline. (1)

Though you can’t expect to get all of the following benefits from any one activity, brain exercise is reported to help in all these areas: (2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

less stress
better memory
more positive mood
increased focus and concentration
boost in motivation and productivity
enhanced fluid intelligence, creativity, and mental flexibility
faster thinking and reaction time
greater self-confidence
sharper vision and hearing




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