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How To Draw Pokemon StepByStep Download

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How To Draw Pokemon StepByStep

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Download this app named How To Draw Pokemon StepByStep.

How to draw pokemon step by step? How to draw pikachu?
This pokedraw app will help you sketch your pokemon characters.
This app will solve all of the questions about :
how to draw a pokemon
how to draw pikachu
Paint, color and draw pokemon as much as you want.
Earn the credits through painting, drawing, sketching and coloring.

Let's learn how to draw pokemon step by step!
Learn the step, paint, sketch, color, draw and save.

Inside this "how to draw pokémon step by step" app, there are 10 pokemons :

*Pokémon drawings features*
0. Draw something here in the middle of screen
1. There is an example picture on the top left. Press it to zoom in
2. Use pencil as a drawing tool to sketch
3. Use crayon or brush as a drawing tool to color
4. Doodle it as much as you can
5. Paint, draw and save your result to collect credits
6. Use erase to clear scratches
7. Use undo If you need to go back to the previous state
8. Use redo to move forward to the next state after undo
9. Continue to next step If you have done

*Credits and Top Players*
1. Draw pokemons and save the result to get more coins
2. Invite your Facebook friends to earn free coins
3. Claim 50 credits every 10 minutes
4. Complete with all pokémon fans. You will be a top player If you have much credit.

*Social drawing*
1. Share your result to Facebook timeline. Let your friends know you can draw a pokemon
2. Rate our app 5 stars and give a good review If you think this drawing app is useful and you like it
3. If you need to learn how to draw a specific pokémon, tell us along with your review in this app
4. Invite your friends and learn to draw pokémon as well

Use this drawing app as your sketchbook.
Try to draw pokemon legends in your own pace. It will fun.
Try to draw pokémon from all generations too.
Search pokemon online in Google Search, learn to draw it with only 1 example.
Make it to be easy drawings.

This pokemon game is one of the colouring games.
Fun games and good games will match the category.

I hope you can enjoy our drawing games and drawing apps.
If you have any question or are not quite happy, feel free to contact us.
Reach our email on the Google Play Store page.


1. Can't sign in to the game service.
You must have Google Play Games App and connect to the internet.

2. Can't login to Facebook connection.
Check you internet connection. Check your Facebook app.
If you still can't connect, don't worry, just tell us and we will update the app.

3. Do I have to use internet?
No. You can use this app offline and draw to your heart content.

4. Is this app intended only for kids?
No. Adult can also play this kids games.
This game is also categorized as educational games.

5. Is this app free? no hidden cost?
Yes. Free to use. No need to purchase or buy items.

Pokémon greetings,
pika pika, pikachu!
10000 volts!




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