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The Horses Mod implements random spawning horses in the world of Minecraft. You can ride a tamed horse and the riding will be an increased speed of normal walking. The Horses Mod adds 10 different types of horses. The horses can be tamed and used for riding. All of them will spawn randomly in your world but you can also use a spawn egg to spawn them. A great feature is that the horses will save in your world after exiting it.

How to get a horse?
Horses spawn randomly in the world. But if you don’t want to go out searching for one you can also use one of the spawn eggs which we have listed in our items and crafting recipes list in the bottom of the post.


Before finding a horse you should focus on find and crafting the following three items as they are needed for taming the horse.

10-20 wheat – grow some wheat with seeds
1 saddle – 3 leathers + 2 iron ingots
1 whip – 1 stick + 1 string + 1 leather
When you have spotted a horse walk up to it and tap on it while holding some wheat in your hand. If the horse grunting it means that it didn’t work. Continue giving it more wheat until a message pops up on the screen saying “Tame Horse” and you can hear the horse neigh.

There are 10 different types of horses and all of them can be found spawning in open plains biomes (or you can use the Horse Spawn Egg, ID: 2799).

To tame a horse you will need some wheat (or rotten flesh if it’s an undead horse). If it’s a normal horse walk up to it and then tap on the horse with some wheat. (Ignore the feed button. It’s not related to the mod!). The success rate depends on which type of horse it is. If you are successful heart particles will appear. If it’s a skeleton horse then tap on it with some rotten flesh to try to tame it. Undead horses are faster than normal horses so they are more difficult to tame.

Now when you’ve tamed the horse you can put a saddle on the horse to ride it.

Saddle (329) – 2 iron ingots + 3 leather
Tap on the back of the horse to place the saddle. You will automatically start riding it when doing this. To jump off enable sneaking. To ride it again, simply tap on the back of the horse to get up.


Get up close to the horse and then tap on the horse back to ride it.

To pick up some speed and control the horse craft a Whip with 1 stick, 1 string and 1 piece of leather and simply hold the whip in the direction you want to go.

Item IDs & Recipes
Whip (398) – 1 stick + 1 string + 1 leather
Saddle (329) – 3 leather + 2 iron ingots
Horse White Spawn Egg (488)
Horse Dark Brown Spawn Egg (489)
Horse Chestnut Spawn Egg (490)
Horse Grey Dpawn Egg (491)
Horse Creamy Spawn Egg (492)
Horse Black Spawn Egg (493)

Also this mod adds zombie horse! For the first time ever, zombie horses can now be ridden in Minecraft.

About this mods collection:
-Installation became way more easier!
-These maps support all the Minecraft versions, as 0.15.9,0.15.0,0.16.0 + and other.
-All of our mods and addons are absolutely free
-One click to install mods and addons

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