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Run this app named Holy Bible woman or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

The best women's Bible to download for free and online.

A new and easy to use app for the modern woman who does not lose her faith. Designed especially for working women, housewives, professionals, but all believers who do not forget the Word of God.

The Holy Bible helps women in their daily lives to overcome problems, face the difficulties of the couple, children and professions.

Being always close to the Word will give them a fuller, wiser and happier life. It is for this reason, virtuous woman, that we created this feminine app to help you in the reading of the Bible.

Enjoy this exceptional Bible app for free

You can download the app for free and always use it. It is an app to read and also listen to the Bible. It contains audio, which will facilitate your study of the word, since you will be able to read it or listen to it even in the bus or in a break from work, with your headphones and without bothering anyone.

Best of all, you don't need the internet to read it or listen to it. It's an offline app. After downloading you can use it wherever you want, even where there is no internet.

Find attractive features to personalize your Bible:

With this great app, you can do almost the same as with your paper Bible: you can add notes to the verses, choose your favorites, mark them and create a list to have all your favorite paragraphs together.

But even more functions, you can enlarge or decrease the font size of the book to your liking and if you read at night, apply the night mode not to damage your eyesight and get a good night's sleep, if you are a night reader.

Remember that if you don't want to read, you can listen to it with the audio, verse by verse, or an entire chapter. You choose.

Navigating through the Bible will be very easy, you can even search for what you want with keywords.

When you resume reading the next day, the app will remind you of the last verse read. This app came to help you!

We'll help you find inspiration in the Holy Bible
Get daily inspiration right on your phone. We can send you daily or weekly Bible verses to begin your day filled with peace and joy with the Word of God.

You can also do a lot to spread the Holy Word: you can directly share verses on Facebook and other social networks and send parts of the Bible by email, WhatsApp or messenger to your loved ones.

Download it today, enjoy the word of God and share it with your children, family and friends.

The Bible is divided into two major sections known as the Testaments:

The Old Testament is composed of the Pentateuch, the Historical books, the Poetic writings and the Prophets:
The Pentateuch includes Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy.

The Historical books include: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, First Samuel, Second Samuel, First Kings, Second Kings, First Chronicles, Second Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther.

The Poetic and Wisdom writings include Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon.

The Major Prophets include Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel.

The Minor Prophets include Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi.
The New Testament consists of the Gospels, Acts, the Letters of Paul, the Epistles, and the Apocalypse.

The Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John.

Acts of the Apostles
Paul's Epistles: Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon, Hebrews.
General Epistles: James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, Jude.

The book of Revelation.

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Developer: Biblia Sagrada