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Hidden Camera Detector

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Run this app named Hidden Camera Detector or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Click the button to move the device close to it. You will see the shape of the hidden camera.
Receive an alert on your phone as soon as an unauthorized spying device is found. And you can position the camera to take a picture and record any data, or use it to activate the green light on the device.
Get peace of mind knowing that you are never alone in your home again? Use this app together with your smartphone to detect hidden cameras and surveillance devices. Simply place the hidden camera detector on the suspected device, and protect yourself from all threats.
For example - shower, flowerpot, lens, mirror looking part, or changing room mirror.
Have you ever wondered if your friends are starting to spy on you? Are they taping you your own bathroom? This application is designed to help verify this suspicion.
Hidden Camera Detector senses electronic devices hidden in view by using its hidden camera app. The app analyzes the magnetic field around the device between the device and the phone. If a device is not detected then you will get a notification that there is no device nearby. For smartphones, the app can also detect their position in the room with automatic detection of horizontal lines and North direction in that area. When you doubt any communication device is a hidden camera, this apps scans for more than 100 tell-tale signs. Now you can help protect yourself and your family. This app facilitates personal safety by detecting hidden video cameras, photo cameras, and other monitoring devices.
What are you secretly filming? This app will let you know.
If you find yourself nervously looking out for a hidden camera in various places, then Hidden Camera Detector is your new best friend! Detect hidden camera, hidden microphones, hidden video surveillance and other hidden electronic devices with this easy to use app.this app is a must have for any spy or investigative thriller fan!
Move the app near the device and wait for the "DETECTED" indication. The app will analyze the magnetic activity with hidden cameras and provide you with the best possible device detection.
This hidden camera app analyses the magnetic activity around the device, and detects any hidden camera that may be installed on the device. Features magnetic detection algorithm. Protect your privacy from voyeurism.
Get peace of mind with this app. Keep track of people or unknown devices anywhere in and around your home, bathroom, and even outside with our live camera tracking. For increased safety and peace of mind, the app detects not only hidden cameras, but also any other device that conducts magnetic activity. When you are concerned that a hidden device is near you, just stand near to the suspected device with the app, and the app will detect the device's magnetic activity and alert you that it is close by
The app is created to find hidden cameras and electronic devices and it allows you to find out if there is a concealed camera in your home by using your phone's magnetic field.
Are you a paranoid type person when it comes to your privacy? You are not alone, most people are. Nowadays, there are security cameras set up everywhere, with internet-enabled devices for the initial device, and recording capabilities for the devices that follow.
With Hidden Camera Detector, imaging is back in our hands. Smartphone cameras have become a classical spy toy, but the old detector apps are not able to locate the hidden camera anymore. With Hidden Camera Detector, imaging is back in our hands. Smartphone cameras have become a classical spy toy, but the old detector apps are not able to locate the hidden camera anymore. The key of this app is its embedded understanding of magnetic field - the device works worldwide even in countries where mobile phone signal

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