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Ever faced any of the following problems?

Felt difficult to change the device Profile?

Have you ever been disturbed by your phone volume during meetings or any event?

Ever felt Embarrassed due to device sound?

Ever Wished to change Vibration level for different callers?

Missed Important calls?

Waver helps you to get solutions for all such problems. It provides more control over the device volume and calls notification.Waver App is a combination of different features -

Get rid of manual profile change when you drop your phone in and out of pocket or turn the phone screen upside down, waver will automatically do the job for you.

Select from various switch options - and easily switch between Sound - Vibrate or Vibrate - Sound, Vibrate - Silent or Silent - Vibrate, Sound - Silent or Silent - Sound.

So next time whenever you put your device in the pocket or even place it on the table, just swipe the button and enjoy automatic switching.

Get rid of embarrassment because of device sound when in a meeting or event. Add the time or location of the event in the scheduler and let it do the job for you.

Scheduler will automatically activate the preselected mode at a selected time or when you reach the selected location.

Want to save yourself from weird looks during meetings or events? So add the schedule with time or location of next meeting or event and Scheduler will do the rest.

Ever wanted your device to vibrate heavily or lightly, with custom, you have the ability to set custom vibration level for individual contacts. Missed an important call because of default device ringtone/sound, don't worry, Custom will also allow you to select a custom ringtone for individual contact.

So there will be no next time for missed calls.

एपीकेऑनलाइन फ़ेविकॉन

Priority -

Always Make your device vibrate for specific caller whatever be the device profile mode, Priority will vibrate the device for you and make sure that you don't miss important calls.

Just Select the contact and never miss calls from contacts that matter.

एपीकेऑनलाइन फ़ेविकॉन

Shake -

Changing device profile is just a shake away. One shake to switch to one profile, two shakes for some profile and three shakes for another one. Select which profile to switch with how many shakes.

Switching profile has never been this much of fun.

-Volume/Vibration Controller
-प्रोफाइल स्विचर

The only app with such amazing feature in the market

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The Priority and Custom Vibration feature will behave differently on different phones. We didn't have the resources to test these features on every phone. If you face any problem, please write to us at - yknotpb@gmail.com & give us a chance to fix it out before leaving a bad review!

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