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There are certain categories of employees like Sales and Marketing who travels or visits multiple locations in a day as part of their roles and responsibilities. In real-time, it is very difficult for the management to track and validate the presence of such employees at the expected locations at the expected time.

As an employee, its a difficult process to report their attendance to management from multiple locations.

Thumbtag Lite is an add-on to Thumbtag mobile based attendance tracking system specially designed for tracking the attendance of employees who travels / visits multiple locations in a day based on their GPS location.

Thumbtag Lite is portable and lightweight. Any organisation can use this app to track their employees.

Employees gets registered for Thumbtag Lite at their respective client office with their basic details.

Using Thumbtag Lite, employees can do swipe in and swipe out from their allocated work locations along with work related comments if any.

Management can track the employees attendance by validating their location and timings from anywhere using Thumbtag web portal.

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