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Management of stock for Retail and wholesale trade. Management of stock IN & Out in multiple
godowns. Stock is managed by different users with different roles. Admin, salesman,& Delivery
The salesman enters the details of invoice to be delivered to the customer. Then the delivery
boy deliver the respective order. Once the order is delivered the items will be deducted from the
stock. This is how the stock management will work.
There is also option of product search to see the quantity available of that stock.
In manage products the salesman can see collectively the available stock of one group of
In Dispatch search one can see the history of delivery of products ,as what is dispatched and
when is dispatched.
In delivered order list one can see the orders which are completed.
In stock inn one can add the incoming product to the stock
In reorder the stock which are below the set level will be shown so that they can be again
ordered to the vendor

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