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Concept Novas Novatrak mobile app from the developer of the FleeTrak GPS-tracking platform is a unique application designed to ensure adequate control and effective automated monitoring of assets to meet the needs of any individual/ corporate organization.

It allows real-time monitoring of assets, i.e. receiving information about vehicular movement in graphical form on a map. These assets may include:

Cars, SUVs, and Commercial Vans



Heavy Machinery (e.g. excavators, loaders, tippers, etc.)

Fuel Tankers and Depot Fuel Tanks

Generator sets, etc.

Users will appreciate the adaptive design and convenient display of various asset properties, which adds to the user-friendliness and handy mobile interface. The menu bar of the app consists of the Information and Event modules which indicate the key assets properties. Also, it has a brief overview of all trips and stops with detailed track history available on each in the Events panel. It has detailed information about the unit properties by a single click.

Help on using the mobile app in its entirety can be accessed at www.concept-nova.com/novatrak/help


Monitor your mobile assets at the touch of a button on any internet-enabled device

Monitor your assets at the comfort of your home or office

Safeguard your loved ones and their whereabouts

Guard against theft and loss


Online real-time tracking information

सूचनाएं / अलर्ट

Define/ Create geographical boundaries (Geo-fencing)

Vehicle shutdown (Demobilize)

Currently available to only android users (while the IOS and Windows applications are being developed).

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