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मज़ेदार "चोटियाँ" आपको बिना किसी अतिरिक्त शब्दों के भावनाओं की एक पूरी श्रृंखला को स्थानांतरित करने की अनुमति देती हैं। बेशक, सबसे अधिक इस्तेमाल किया जाने वाला "स्माइल"। अपने डिवाइस की स्क्रीन पर मुस्कान के साथ मेगा कूल तस्वीरें डाउनलोड करें और अपने मूड को अपने और दूसरों तक बढ़ाएं!
Smiles (smile - smile) are icons composed of punctuation, letters, and numbers that denote some kind of emotion. They are widely used when communicating online - in letters, forums, chats. Recently, text emoticons gradually go away in the past, and they are replaced by graphic - funny pictures depicting persons, objects, signs, actions.
The first emoticons appeared before and not on the Internet: in America in December 1963, the artist Harvey Bell, on the occasion of the merger of two insurance companies into one corporation, State Mutual Life Assurance Cos. Of America drew the first cheerful smiley peak, which was placed on the badges of the company's employees.
There are now a variety of emoticons on the Internet: they not only express emotions, but also depict different characters, signs of the zodiac, flags, slogans (charming smileys), emoticons -books, new-year emoticons.

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