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Let's track your money, from your expenses to income let's make it easy. Use our budgets and projections to organise and visualise how much money you want to spend. Create budgets for categories that you spend against so you don't go overboard. Our projection feature is another way of looking at budgets, you sometimes have an actual dollar value in mind for your spend target for a day, week or month, our projection feature organises all your budgets for the same time period and displays all that data in one place so you can better track your progress towards that spend target. Budgets and Projections, two great features that work together to make things easier for you.

You just add your expense and your income, and Money Tracker will do the rest. Add a new transaction when buying a coffee, popcorn at the movies or taking a taxi. Enter as little or as much information as you would like, you can simply enter the expense amount and select the category and that's it you're done. Simple and easy, and the same steps work for both expense and income. Phone or tablet, Money Tracker has you covered, easily track your expenses/income by yourself our share it with your significant other. You can safely and easily synchronize data between devices using your own google drive account, everyone has one once they have a gmail account, no need for third party online storage.

Create, update, delete new transactions (expense/income), categories and currencies on the go.

Feel free to use our app to keep up-to-date with currency exchange rates that we update for you daily.

Key features which make Money Tracker easy, enjoyable and powerful:
1. Easy to use interface
2. Leave easy mode once you are comfortable and get advanced financial tracking
3. Create your own budgets
4. Set your own budget periods eg. day, week, month and year
5. Notifies you when approaching budget limits
6. Projected Expenses based on budgets, create period based expense limits that incorporate your budgets
7. Add new expense/income easily and quickly
8. Great charts and reports that help you visualize your expense/income data
9. Create and customize categories, if defaults do not work for you
10. Safely synchronize and share your data using your own gmail account
11. Customizable charts and reports
12. Choose ANY currency
13. Track ANY currency exchange rate
14. Backup data in one click
15. Pass-code protection, because data security matters
16. Supports multiple (expense, income)tracker accounts
17. Create multiple tracker accounts in any currency
18. Transfer money between tracker accounts, even across currencies, we'll convert it for you!!!
19. बिल्ट-इन कैलकुलेटर
20. All this is Free ( Best feature yet :-) )

Track what is spent and learn how to save money, it's that simple.

This is a feature rich money management software that goes wherever you go, FOR FREE!!!!

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