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Baalveer Returns is an Indian fantasy television series. It started premiering on 10 September 2019 on Sony SAB, starring Dev Joshi, and Vansh Sayani in the titular lead roles of Baalveers. It is a sequel to Baal Veer, which aired from 2012 to 2016. It is produced by Optimystix Entertainment with screenplay by Manoj Tripathi.
The new season unveils the underwater kingdom of Shinkai, which is ruled by Jalraj Kaikos. The commander-in-chief Bambaal plots to rule over the whole universe, along with his sidekick Milsa.

Bambaal and Shaurya reveal the story of a chemical scientist of the Veer Lok, named Jaikaas who had turned evil and plotted to make a weapon that would destroy the earth in 2020. He was stopped by Shaurya and hence he tried to escape with his two newborn sons. Shaurya attacked Jaikaas and one son fell in a desert while Jaikaas landed at sea, to Milsa and the Baalveers, respectively. Bambaal tells about an egg in Shinkai, and that a man will be born from it, prophesied to be the ultimate.

It is revealed that the son who fell in the desert was the Senior Baalveer (which he is not allowed to know) and Jaikaas, before dying, protected his son who fell with him in the sea by putting him in an egg and he is the one Bambaal awaits. When he comes out of the egg he is named as Ray.

Debu wants to know about his past from Shaurya and Baalpari, but he fails and finally gives up. Baalveers capture Milsa but Bambaal secretly kills her to hide his identity from Debu and Vivaan. Baalveer tells Vivaan about him being Nakabposh leaving him shocked. Ray's full powers are unleashed by Debu's blood after he threatens him for Vivaan's life.

After a series of incidents, Baalveer captures Bambaal and Ananya gets to know that Debu is the other Baalveer.

After knowing Debu's truth, Ananya demands of becoming a fairy. Baal Pari tells Ananya, that if Shaurya agrees, she will become a fairy. In Veer Lok, Bambaal learns about Jaikaas, Ray and Baalveer. Baal Pari informs Shaurya about this and they announce a death sentence for Bambaal, leaving Baalveer suspicious about his decision.

Bambaal is freed by Ray and he discloses Shaurya's secret to Baalveer, expecting that he will attack Shaurya. Instead, Senior Baalveer gets enraged, attacks and kills Bambaal. He also gets to know that Ray is the actual evil Shinkai entity. Ananya becomes a fairy in Veer Lok. Jwala Pari and Vayu Pari also return in their new avatar.

Ray, along with Bhaymaar and Tauba Tauba revives Timnasa and Akroor, to avenge the Baalveers and creates obstacles for them but the fairies and Baalveers eventually celebrate their victory every time, after restoring peace and righteousness everywhere.

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