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Getting bored? Want to take a look at some of the most weird and shocking stuffs.

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Do you know that Everest is not the tallest mountain in the Solar system, there is a mountain on Mars that is 3 times taller than Everest. Even on Earth, there is a mountain which is technically taller than Everest.

Jupiter may not have water but it has an ocean which is 100km deep. Saturn is 9 times bigger than Earth but still, it could float in water but Earth cannot. How is this possible?

Brazil has a tree that bleeds. Mexican football fans once caused an actual earthquake. But how?

World's smallest computer is smaller than a grain of rice. The speed of the fastest car on land is 1200+ km/h. We have an 8-legged animal that can survive any apocalypse.

And all these facts are not even the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more weird, unknown and shocking facts you never knew.

We have collected thousands of amazing facts in just one app. Unleash your curiosity and take a dive into the ocean of interesting stuffs. All you need to do is Swipe N Learn.

You can explore various categories including:
Technology facts
Cartoons facts
Geography facts
Business facts
Animals facts
Space facts
Automobiles facts
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Airplanes facts
मनोविज्ञान तथ्य
Technology facts
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Alien facts
Study facts
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... and various other shocking facts you never knew

You can discover unbelievable and shocking facts, download them if you like, and share them with your friends.
No more getting bored at home. Let your curiosity explore the facts you never knew.

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