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Heart Murmur Labyrinth

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We'll make it short and simple. These are the problems you face and our solution for it:

1.Hard to understand medicine Books --> We got Good explenations and pictures
2.You can't remember all Heart murmurs --> visual Mnemonics for every Murmur
3.You have no way to practice --> Get a lot of Practice in a fun and gamified way
4.Traditional ways are boring --> You study and beat your highscore while doing it

For medical students, nurses, physicians and people interested in Medicine. Do you know what tool is associated with medicine the most? Yes, a stethoscope. Therefore it is key to master the art of heart auscultation.

There're lot of different illnesses of the heart (cardiology pathology), like myocarditis, cardiac inflammation or long time myocardic inflammation.

With this app you'll get insights about the function of the human heart.

for free (this is a free stethoscope App, where you learn the usage of your stethoscope for free)

Basic knowledge of medicine helps you to use this app in an optimal way. We wont replace your professor or teacher but help you to sharpen your skills.

Ever see a Doctor or Nurse practitioner use the stethoscope in auscultation and notice how they notice the Heart murmurs. What if you could learn Heart murmur auscultion for free as a Game. How to wear a stethoscope? How to use a stethoscope? That are also things you'll learn in this free medicine App. This medical ECG App is also usable for chiropractors and osteopathic medicine. Free osteopathic medicine App. A free App for all chiropractic student.

Auscultation means listening to the internal sounds of the body, usually using a stethoscope. Often for the purposes of examining the circulatory and respiratory systems (heart and breath sounds). And this App focuses on the auscultation of the human heart. Pathologic heart sounds are called murmurs (= heart murmur).

Heart auscultation and stethoscopes are used in internal medicine, general medicine, Cardiology (short: cardio) and in every hospital. Get to know the heart in a unique way. Every Medical Doctor, Physician Assistend, Premed, nursing student, dentist, paramedic, health care worker, Care Giver and medical professional should have a basic concept of stethhoscope usage (heart murmur auscultation). Even outside the hospital in pharmacy's and doctor's offices (general medicine, pediatrics..)

This is a completly free heart murmur medicine app, free medical education, medical school app and free stethoscope app. This is the right app for you, if you're searching for free medical resources, free medical content and free medical information

This is even good if you're still a premed or waiting for your application to medical school.

*Not intended for self-diagnosis. Contact a medical professional if you feel sick or unwell.

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Developer: Hospital acquired

Genre: Medical

App version: 1

App size: 18M

Recent changes: Bug fixes and improvements