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Happy Fishing

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Can you find secret treasures buried under the sea?
Catch as many fishes as you can!
Improve your fishing line to go deeper and catch more fish!
Now go and explore the ocean and all it's hidden treasures! You'll get hooked before you know it!

- Lots of rewards and upgrades, you will get addicted!
- Beautiful graphics and funny animations
- Easy operation to catch a huge bundle of fish
- Collect varieties of rare fish!
- Earn coins even when you are idle and offline!

Cast your line, reach the depths and try catching as many fish as you can on your way up! Upgrade the gear helping you dive deeper under the sea to discover new species, and unlock new seas to rare treasures.

For any help please contact us via,
- Email: jack862019@gmail.com
2019 Fishing King Studio. All Rights Reserved

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Developer: Fishing King Studio

Genre: Arcade

App version: 1.0

App size: 20M

Recent changes: Happy fishing now!


It's good for wasting time. Be warned though, the app will push it's adds in automatically (as expected) but when it comes time to accept an add so you can get a higher number of tokens or collect money for your wallet, it suddenly has trouble loading the add and won't do it no matter how many times you try. This seems to be happening now that I'm less than a dollar from redeeming for a gift card. You then end up forfeiting your money and tokens just so you can move on in the game.

Game starts out decent. Over a few days I managed to get up to 9$. After that point your 'coin' drops to 1 or 2 cents on every bottle you get. You get 1-3 bottles every 30 casts. I read the reviews at this point. They all say you stop getting bottles around 9.50 or so. I believe it at this point. This app is not the one you're looking for guys.

I have only made it to $9.51, not $9.90 like most reviews, but have maxed out my line and now the bottles are too low to even grab. I have been playing this game for a couple months now to see if it was legit. You have earned who knows how much from all the ads that have played during this time. It is hard enough to earn the few pennies I would receive with 3 bottles showing up during 30 turns but now I can't even get them. No way I will make it to the $10 cash out. New update made ads worse.

At first the game was fun. now it is worthless. used to be able to get the money bottle 3-5 x's now, lucky to get it once. it used to be where you could actually get it. now it is all the way at the bottom where it is practically impossible to grab. getting coins and spending was nice, now I've hit max on depth and fish, what good are the coins?!??? the game was fun, now its just boring. you can't get the $ your just stuck in an endless loop. worthless and a waste of time!!

`I was really loving this game until I got deeper in the "ocean". Now the treasure chests that are full of money say "Undefined"for the amount and after watching an ad to open the chest, you don't get anything! Also, when you get the opportunity to catch a bottle with real cash inside, it says "The deeper the ocean, the more dollars you get". That is a lie. When I first started I was getting .20+ cents per bottle. Then it went down to .10+ and now it's down to .03 cents.`