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Those who want to have Hair Transplant Operation are self-reliant people who attach importance to themselves and their appearance. Everyone who desires an aesthetic touch is deserved. Our goal is to make it easier for you to find clinics, doctors and operation teams for you and your budget.
Have you got Hair Transplant Operation, have you got enough hair for the amount of graft you have committed? Can you count? Now you can count. Our current practice succeeded in the impossible. It is now very easy to learn how many grafts you have done with your hair graft operation.
Enjoy the look that will make you happy when you look at it all together! We do all the other things. Detail
Graft; The donor is given to the hair follicles, which are removed from the area and ready to be transported to the bald area. The donor area is the chest, arm, leg and especially the nape regions of the sputum-resistant hair follicles. Also known as donor area.
Hair transplantation operations now take place very comfortably and Turkish doctors have proven themselves to the whole world in this regard.
The biggest unknown to anyone who wants to be a hair transplant operation is the amount of graft. The donor area of the quiche and the open area may vary according to the doctor's opinion. Here we were able to eliminate these question marks with this application.

Hair transplant, or hair transplant; aging, genetic or disease and accident are a broad term for athletes suffering hair loss and aesthetic operations aimed at rehabilitating hair in a healthy and natural way. Hair transplantation surgery is a more comfortable and healing process than many other aesthetic operations. To make a general definition, hair transplantation is carried out by transferring the hair of the chest, arm, leg, and especially the sputum-resistant hair roots taken from the nervous areas to the hair-deficient region. Although the methods differ, the hair follicles in the donor area of the person are removed and transferred to the sowing area. Each hair follicle is called Graft and can have more than one hair follicle per hair follicle. At this point exactly; All institutions that perform hair transplantation say high amounts of grafts in order to sell and to persuade the patient to operate, and even after surgery, they give high numbers in reverse to graft numbers. A patient who wants to be a hair transplant operation;
1. What is the amount of Graft that is needed,
2. What is the highest amount of Graft that can be taken in the direction of the adequacy of the donor area,
3. If it decides on the operation of hair transplantation, it is not possible to reach the right information of these 3 information which is very important such as what amount of graft is added after operation.
If the numbers of clinics, hospitals and doctors who perform hair transplantation operations are very large worldwide and hair transplantation operations are in serious demand, the prices are made according to the amount of graft in the relevant market.
Patients prefer to choose the institution that tells the highest Graft that they are losing money by listening to a different amount of Graft from each institution in the current market conditions.

The patient who wants to become a Hair Transplant Operation will be able to easily find the amount of Graft needed by sending the pre-operation photographs after downloading the related application to the smart phone.
From the budget - to the date interval to be operated, from the place where I want to stay - to the doctor's experience, all the requests of the patient are taken and the appropriate filtering is carried out according to the requests of the patient.
After Hair Transplant Operation, the patient will be able to easily reach the amount of graft inserted by sending his photographs after downloading the related application to his smart phone.

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