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Also sometimes called the Seinfield Method (due to misattribution perhaps), you track your progress in doing an activity of your choice that you tend to procrastinate over time, by simply ticking off the calendar each day you successfully do that activity.

Day by day, you sort of 'enjoy' finishing the task which is otherwise procrastination inducing. This can be attributed to perhaps the short dopamine-like response you get by the very act of ticking off the calendar. You are also full of confidence when you zero in on not breaking the 'golden' streak.

Animatriz HabitMomentum helps you develop that momentum for not just one task but more. But, it is recommended that you focus on the single most important task in the beginning otherwise using the app would contribute to some procrastination in itself. The goal is to reinforce the activity as a habit which you can then do it comfortably without needing this tool.

Take the help of this app to increase your meditation time to 2 hours daily. You can also use this for other fitness/self-help activities like doing 4 push-ups a day, drinking 12L water a day, taking stairs 4 times a day, quitting a bad habit, writing a page of your new book, writing a blog article per 3 days(all 3 days checked) etc.

Don't be too harsh on yourself, if you leave small gaps in the calendar. You can cheat your brain by doubling the activity the next time to compensate it on the calendar and prioritize to the keep the calendar 'nice looking' all the time.

It doesn't matter if the year has 365 days or 366 days. What matters is if you have used the year for doing that activity - post which you can keep a screenshot of it as a big yearly tick-box in the decades range. You need to clear the calendar and start afresh after the year.

Do take time to share this app with people young & old so that their life can be improved by it.

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Developer: animatriz