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The second game in this series of Alternate World Adventurer's Guild Management games.
A redesign of the system from "Frontier Guild Master", a game with an average rating of over 4 stars!

(However, it's the kind of game that you either love or hate. People who like this kind of game will really enjoy it!Others won't feel the same way.It's that kind of game)

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New relics added!
A relic hidden in a dungeon could be the key to solving the mysteries within!
Explore dungeons, collect relics, and unravel the mysteries of the world!
*New relics will be added with updates.

Introducing Rival Guilds!
The goal of all guilds is to explore the Tower of the World Tree, which is located in the center of town.
Explore higher levels, defeat monsters, and raise your guild ranking!
Aim for number one!

-Just like the previous game, efficiently manage your guild through the simple interface.

Features a growth system that raises stats based on actions.
Attacking enemies increases attack power, taking damage increases defense power!

Explore the tower with a party of 3 people.
Once you've designated a target level to reach, simply proceed with your day!
If the exploration fails, take a good look at the "activity record" and use the info for your next exploration!

Operating a guild has costs.
You have to pay for system maintenance and adventurers' wages.
If the guild's capital turns negative, facilities cannot be expanded, so you must always be careful about your funds.

Now you have a receptionist
The receptionist is key in guild management.
Raising her stats will improve overall management power, and all of her unique skills will help guild management in some way.
The character of your guild will change depending on which of her skills you decide to focus on as you train her!

[[[Adventurer stats ]]]
Attack: Affects damage done to opponents
Defense: Affects damage taken from enemies
Agility: Affects attack order
Dexterity: Affects accuracy

[[[Adventurer skills ]]]
Attack will increase more easily.

Defense will increase more easily.

Agility will increase more easily.

All stats will increase slightly more easily.

Occasionally recovers a small amount when attacking.

Double attack
May attack two times.

May counterattack after an opponent attacks

Iron Wall
May nullify an opponent's attack.

[[[Receptionist Stats]]]
Customer Service: Affects adventurer's growth
Judgment: Affects new adventurer's stats
Business: Affects bar revenue
Negotiation: Affects adventurer's salary

[[[Receptionist Skills]]]
Lady Luck
Has a positive effect on the growth of adventurers.

Increases bar revenue.

Saving magic
Costs of maintaining facilities can be kept low.

Special training will be more effective.

Material used
Background illustrations: Petan

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Developer: MAXVIP