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Grow Alchemists of Ore

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[Grow Alchemists of Ore] is a Clincher game and a neglected type upbringing game that dose not require any difficult operation.

This game is recommended for users who like simple repeating and growing games.
This game is recommended for users who like a stochastic or automatic system.

1. Adventure and Discovery
Become a miner and start an adventure from 1000F to 1F.
You can find various ores in the caves!

2. Mining
The hero character automatically mine ore, but help the character through the touch!
Enhance your skills to speed up character mining and reduce simply repeating the touch!
Growing characters will automatically ore mining faster and faster.

3. Accumulating wealth through repetition
You can collect and sell ore discovered during the adventure.
Accumulate wealth through mining, selling and alchemy!

4. Growing alchemist
Enhance Tools to grow mining skills!
Learn skills to grow mining skills!
Find and mine more valuable ore through enhanced tools and skills!

5. Alchemy
Enjoy Alchemy contents using the given mana!
You can create precious ore through alchemy.
Ore produced can be sold at an expansive price.
Challenge the limits of ore alchemy!

6. Growing pets
You can summon various Eggpets to gain additional rewards.
Train your pets and grow them to gain more rewards!

7. Collection
There are various ores in the cave. Collect all ore through mining!
alchemy can create new ore. Collect hidden ore by alchemy!Game Features

Simple touch to play game
Automatic ore mining
Grow your character by enhancing tools and skills
Stochastic ore alchemy
Additional rewards for EggpetContact us

e-mail :

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Developer: 1F studio

Genre: Arcade

App version: 1.1.0

App size: 47M

Recent changes: v1.1.0
1. Added to ‘Achievements Reward’.
2. Bug fix.

Thanks everyone for your support, please keep the reviews coming!
Have a nice day~ ^-^


Thank you for making this game, I enjoyed it. One big bug, everytime I try to add a skill to my book the game crashes

What bug got fixed? This information is false. It's still bugged to the teeth and refuses to load data progress. I am signed in and yet not, apparently this is actually now possible.

Great game.... up until I try to get support. I'm around the 700 floor and my stamina is draining just as quickly as it refills. On top of that, I can't sign in. When I open the app google tries to login in and get's stuck in a loop that rarely comes up with the deny/allow page. Tapping on allow puts it back in a loop. I believe I sent an email last month... no reply yet.

Loved it. 100% completion, all achieves, upgrades r all maxed, and max \n' +

level with no problems. I noticed some people complaining about bugs and \n' +

crashes just want to put it out there that i got through everything with no \n' +

crashes or rollbacks so it may be a provlem with either the device or \n' +

software. progress gets slow later in the game but that's not a bad thing. \n" +

Only problem is some of the spelling and grammar. The store seems a bit out \n' +

of whack with the amount of gold u get for real money, and the explanations \n' +

of the currency packs r very unclear. Other than that game play was smooth \n' +

with no problems

I had upgraded all the little pet egg things to their max level of 20 only for the last max out to send my game crashing man and it never fixed everytime I opened it and went black but it was fun to play when I an bored .'