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Thank you for trying our game!
This game is still in it's early alpha stages, so expect bugs.
If you encounter a crash, please copy and send us the error message if there is one. Thank you in advance!

Welcome to Grids!
Grids is a tactical turnbased online strategy game where you take control of your very own army!

The objective of the game is to kill your opponents commander-unit (the tower).

Basic Controls:
Click the icons in the bar at the bottom and drag them onto the available deploy-squares (green).

Click on the units and move-squares (blue) will appear, clicking on a move-square will make the unit move to that square.
If a unit is within the attack-range an attack-mark will appear. Clicking on the attack-mark will make your selected unit attack the targeted unit, dealing damage and eventually killing the opponent.

You can choose between connecting to our grids-servers, and get matched against an opponent, or you can host your own game and let your friends connect to you. Hosting a game requires port forwarding.

Port forwarding:
Use the port 50000.

In case of any questions or problems, feel free to contact us at:

Good luck playing!


First public release!



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