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Gramps Got No Brakes!

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Hold on tight, Gramps! Its going to be a bumpy ride!

Oh no - Grandpas car has seen better days! But Gramps hasnt - ol Pops is having the time of his life in this epic car chase! Grandpas brakes have gone out and hes driving around town like a madman. Tap the sides of the screen to direct the car and navigate Gramps around town safely. Avoid obstacles, collect coins, & lose the police in an epic car chase. Gramps Got No Brakes is a classic run style game where you navigate the car along a road course. Grandpa hasnt had this much fun in years!

Can you believe he just said that?! Have the time of your life getting to know Grandpa on another level. Make sure to turn the sound up to hear all of the hilarious things ol Pops has to say!

Grandpa has quite the awesome vintage car collection! Can you unlock every awesome vehicle? Race around town sporting your sweet new ride!

Its time to get started on this epic roadside adventure race!

Tap to navigate the car!
Drive all around town! (show different courses)
OH NO! Escape the police chase!
Unlock your favorite vehicles!
Complete challenging quests!
Earn awesome rewards!
Hold on tight, Grandpa!

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Developer: FGL Indie Showcase

Genre: Arcade

App version: 1.0

App size: 43M


Its really fun but I just have some questions. First of all I have all cars unlocked but in the quests menu it says i still need to unlock 7 more cars. Also where are the helicopters? Many challenges require you to ruun away from them for a certain distance and I just let that be because i got the progess no matter what but now that i need to destroy them as the last challenge its a bit of a problem. I can't see then, hear then, or anything so i definitely can't destroy them.

there is absolutely no way to control hin. you barly touch the screen ad he goes crazy out of control the more you try to control him the worse it gets. looks like it could be fun but need to fix the controlling

Fun game, just cant figure out how to beat the goal with crashing the copters... what copters and how do you crash them???

i dont like this game the control is difficult when j try to go left it goes right theu need to improve accuracy as far as control pads/settings

what about Grandma does she have brakes I'm curious to have Grandma has brakes because grandpa has no breaks and it's pretty hilarious can we get a grandma version or maybe grandma has an 18-wheeler LOL."