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Graffiti or commonly spelled graffity or graffiti is graffiti on the wall by using a composition of colors, shapes, lines and volumes to write certain symbols, words or sentences. The tool used in making graffiti is usually can spray paint.

Before this spray was available, general graffiti was made using brush strokes or chalk paint. Although it is part of art, people often paint graffiti as a form of vandalism, especially on unused building walls. Graffiti also has its own history and function. In addition, there are also steps for making a method that we can follow.

The history of graffiti writing dates back to primitive human times. At that time, primitive humans who lived in caves would paint on walls as a means of hunting communication. At this time, graffiti is also used as a means of mysticism and spirituality to arouse the spirit of hunting. The development of art in the days of Ancient Egypt also showed the activity of painting on the walls of the pyramid.

These paintings communicate the other realms that Pharaoh (Pharaoh) met after mummification. Graffiti writing activities were also carried out as a means of showing dissatisfaction in Roman times. Many satirical paintings were found on the walls of buildings belonging to the government of Pompeii. The city of Rome in the past was also often used as a propaganda tool to discredit Christians who were banned by the emperor.

The development of graffiti continues until modern times like today. The existence of social classes also creates difficulties for people from certain groups in expressing their artistic activities. As a result, there are several individuals who use wall facilities available in almost all cities.

The lack of art education also makes objects that often appear in graffiti usually are writings or passwords that are only understood by certain groups. Usually, this work will appear as a form of dissatisfaction with their social conditions. Although graffiti is generally destructive and causes maintenance costs for city cleanliness to increase, graffiti is still an expression of art and must be respected.

Graffiti Drawing Function

The functions of graffiti are very diverse. Among these are secret languages of certain groups. This is mainly because graffiti is also often made by certain groups in voicing their opinions and thoughts. Second, graffiti is often used as a means of expressing dissatisfaction with each other's social conditions.

Graffiti is also often used as a means of rebellion. The next function is a means of expressing fear of ongoing political and social conditions. The many functions of graffiti make graffiti more than just scribbling on the wall. In fact, many artists are known and started their careers from painting graffiti. This proves that graffiti is a part of art that grows and develops in the midst of society.

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