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Morpion is a connect 5 variation abstract strategy board game played on a graph paper . Players take turn placing one of their pieces(Morpion) on an empty intersection of the graph paper. When a player succeeds in connecting 5 morpions or more in a row(horizontally, vertically, diagonally) this marks the end of a cast(set) and a line is drawn from each morpion from the current cast to all neighboring morpions of the same cast.If there are no morpions around a morpion, a circle is drawn around said morpion. The color of the line or circle is a color chosen beforehand by the winner.

This app provides two variations of connect 5 : Classic Morpion and Gomorpion.

In Classic Morpion at the end of a cast each morpion in that cast counts as one point for the winner. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Gomorpion's aim is similar to that of Classic Morpion's in that both players are aiming to capture the most morpions, but Gomorpion introduces : Recapturables(Morpions that have been captured, but can be used by the opponent), shifted morpions(morpions that belong to the winner of the last cast, but were not counted), sieged intersections(intersections that are owned by a player).

For a tougher challenge users can choose to play without the app showing the recapturables, the shifted morpions, or the sieged intersections.

See the app's info section for more details on the rules.

This version of Gomorpion currently has only one level of difficulty. More features will be added in future versions.


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Developer: Vladimir Louis

Genre: Board

App version: 2.0

App size: 1.8M

Recent changes: User can replay the whole game.


'Nice game to kill time and keep busy.'