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Golden, which has the oldest history among precious metals, has been used as jewelry for centuries because it is durable, shaped, and rare.

Its rarity makes gold valuable. In addition to being the basis of the oldest monetary systems, it plays a vital role in world economies today.

Apart from gold jewelry, it is used in electricity/electronics, aerospace industry, dentistry, medicine, chemical industry, etc. It is also used industrially.

Its symbol as a chemical element is "Au," and it is an abbreviation of the Latin "aurum."

Being rare and resistant to corrosion, being malleable, having a higher density and weight than other metals, admiring its color, not melting at high temperatures and not deforming, and being used industrially, gold is a popular metal that makes it valuable. The first atomic element even mentioned in the holy books is gold.

The distribution of gold resources and the amount of gold do not show much parallelism. The countries with the highest gold reserves in the world and the order of their reserve percentages are Australia (17%), Russia (14%), the Republic of South Africa (10.5%), the United States (5%), Indonesia (5%). The countries with the most gold in the world in 2018 are as follows:

Primitive peoples could only find gold in water beds. They matched the pieces they found with the sun god, who gave them light, warmth, and crops in a short time. They were also used as ceremonial objects in religious ceremonies and primitive civilizations.

B.C. In 700 BC, gold began to be used in economic life.
B.C. In 550, the Lydian state issued the first gold coin.
From the Middle Ages, the discovery of gold mines led to great gold exploration migrations.
In the 19th century, the "thousands" system was developed to express the value of gold.
In 1849, when a watermill worker in California accidentally found gold in a creek bed, the "Gold Rush" started.
The largest gold reserve in the world was found in 1886 on the Witwatersrand Reef in South Africa.
The largest gold nugget to date has been mined in Victoria, Australia. The weight of this ingot, called "Welcome Stranger," is 78 kg. It was 91 percent pure gold.
Apart from the economy, gold was also transformed into jewelry thanks to its charm.
It also created a spiritual value as a souvenir/jewelry by being transferred from generation to generation.
With its natural beauty, machinability, high value, and historical background, gold has taken its place as the most essential jewelry metal in the world.

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