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Geo Dodge is a fast paced, addicting avoidance game. You must have fast reflexes and great hand eye coordination to succeed. The game starts off slow, but quickly speeds up.

There are currently 35 levels, and they play at random. You will encounter a variety of obstacles such as moving platforms, lasers, and circulating blades of death. This game will challenge you to the max. Make sure to collect the stars, and to hit the power ups. It also has a nice soundtrack.

There is also a shop where you can purchase new characters. This is done by collecting the in game stars and heading to the shop and tapping the character you want. New characters are frequently added, and the expensive ones all have their own perks such as small hit-boxes, and speed buffs among other things to help you get a higher score.

Geo Dodge is my first game, and I will continuously update it and improve upon it. I am very passionate about my creations, so just let me know in the review if something needs fixed or if you have a creative idea to add!

I hope you all enjoy Geo Dodge, and thanks for playing!


*Added a new character.*
*Misc bug fixes.*



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