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Save the lifes of the entire humanity.  This application allows you to be the great ruler of the world. If you have such human capacity play to this Lapse game.






Lapse is an android game in which the user will have to save the lifes of a nation. You will act as a president ruling the destiny of a whole nation. The citizens depend on you. You must take those special hard decisions that can show that you are a world leader. Every small decision can change our future in a humanity confronted with wars, illness, famine.

Lead a whole country to salvation – or annihilation – in a world over the year 2075. With a basic swipe of your finger, left or right, you'll have the capacity to choose of this current Nation's fate, taking hard choices about various journeys and issues, that will be conveyed to your presidential consideration.

Be cautious however: ruling a country has never been simple. Something baffling has tossed the entire future humankind in a profound perplexity, causing a persistent stream of calamities like wars, sickness, starvation. Nobody appears to remember what began this all, nobody appears to know anything about the odd occasions that continues including the planet, nobody can disclose why you appear to rise each time somebody attempts to hold you down.

So be cautious, and take some time to consider every single choice, since nothing occurs by no reasons. Each and every occasion may enable you to achieve your last triumph, however in the meantime it could be the reason of your failure.

We like a lot this game because it can show us how to be a leader. We like its features:

- Provide a way yo practice your leadership.

- It reminds us how important the small details are when ruling a nation.

- It shows that there are not friends or enemies forever when you govern a country. And you must take special attention to any betrayal.

- Multi languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, French, ...

- It is free. Purchasements are optional.

Our score for this educational app is 8. It is very powerful to feel that you rule a country, at the same time it is important to feel the responsability.

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