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You can like Deep Town if one of your fantasy is to build your own world. Show that you are a leader, a good ruler and build your cities, your countries, factories, hospitals, ... and provide good wealth to all your citizens.






Deep Town is science fiction strategy game where you enjoy and play as an AI in order to dig for minerals, make factories and explore planets. All of these activities with a sole objective: build a world of your own.

The functionality of this Deep town game we have like more are:

- Good simulation of the different metals, gems and special findings that appear when digging.

- It allows to make offices, houses, buildings, mines, factories.

- You can explore worlds, regions, uncover the hidden stories from old times, and answer the most important question always asked: where are we?

Our score for this app 7. It is quite good. We like it a lot.

As usual you can run online this android app from the ApkOnline platform, but you can also download it from the Google Play Store.